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Call for papers

Annual Summer Conference of the Society for Pidgin and Creole Linguistics

19-22 June 2017, University of Tampere, Finland

Abstracts for twenty-minute presentations on any area pertinent to the linguistic study of pidgins, creoles, converted languages, mixed languages, emerging urban varieties, multi-ethnolects, and any other type of contact language are invited for anonymous review.

Deadline for abstract submission: 30 November 2016.

See here for more information about this conference.

Ton Vallen Award 2016

The winner of this year's award is James Costa:

Can schools dispense with standard language? Some unintended consequences of introducing Scots in an Scottish primary school

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Engaging Superdiversity

Engaging Superdiversity: Recombining Spaces, Times and Language Practices

Edited by Karel Arnaut, Martha Sif Karrebæk, Massimiliano Spotti and Jan Blommaert

Bristol: Multilingual Matters



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