Center for Company Law

Research in the fields of corporate, securities, tax, and property and insolvency law.

Research Center for Company Law

The research of the Center for Company Law is carried out by the Tilburg Law School Department of Business Law and the Fiscal Institute Tilburg. It combines research in the fields of corporate, securities, and tax law.

Research program

The current research program "Business Organisations and Business Law between Fairness and Efficiency" (2010-2016) is emphasizing the development of a coherent system of business law that satisfies the needs of modern society and of enterprises and stakeholders in a process of ongoing European integration and globalization.

More about research and publications

On the website of the Department of Business Law you can find the latest information on their research and publications.

The most recent publications of the researchers of the Fiscal Institute Tilburg can be found on their website.

The research programĀ  of 2005- 2009 titled "Back to Basics in Business Law and Tax Law: Reforming the Law on Business Organizations" is concentrated around national, international and European aspects of the 'firm', its various legal forms, financing, governance, reorganization and accounting. The final outcome of this research will be published this year.