Center for Company Law

Research in the fields of corporate, securities, tax, and property and insolvency law.

Research Center for Company Law

The research of the Center for Company Law is carried out by the Tilburg Law School Department of Business Law and the Fiscal Institute Tilburg. It combines research in the fields of corporate, securities, and tax law.

Research program

The challenges of today, inter alia, big data, further globalization and new business models require that corporations and businesses are appropriately organized to meet and integrate these demands as opportunities in the accompanying regulatory and business models. In addition, legislative and supervision bodies and (tax) authorities also need to consider the best way to respond to these changes and to assess whether and to what extent they can and are allowed to use new information techniques.

Recognizing the opportunities and challenges of these issues, the Center for Company Law (CCL) has set out the research program “Sustainable Business Law and Business Taxation in the Information Era” (2017-2021).

With this research program CCL intends to provide sustainable answers to questions related to the changes in the business environment regarding the fast pace of the enhanced globalization, the dynamic nature of the new business models and the rapidly expanding availability of big data.

Research areas

The research is structured in three core areas:

  1. Establishing and Nurturing Ingredients for Sustainable Business Success and Innovative Strategies
    In this area, we seek to answer questions related to the capacity of companies to structurally adapt to innovation.
  2. Governance of Business Ventures and Tax Governance
    In this research area, we will investigate problems of inadequate corporate governance and its effect on the organization of both listed and unlisted companies. The research will focus on the emergence of big data in the field of corporate law and the possibilities for improving the organizational structure of companies.
  3. Sustainable Financing of Business Ventures in the Information Era
    This research area will focus on the different kinds of financing instruments available to companies over their life cycle, including the tax-related aspects of financing.

Methodologically, this CCL’s research program is not limited to Dutch national law, but will also investigate the specific areas of research from a European Union, international perspective.

The research is not limited to business law and taxation in the Netherlands, but fosters also comparative and interdisciplinary research, such as integrating economics, business economics, corporate finance, accountancy, psychology, and sociology.