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Program Information

General info

Instruction language: English

Type of Instruction: 3-hour interactive lectures (8 sessions of 2 or 3 lectures each), preparation of articles, discussions, possibly short presentations

Type of exams: Individual assignment: paper

Level: Third-year Bachelor’s or first-year Master’s

Course load: 7-10 ECTS credits (extra-curricular)

Lecture schedule: Mostly Tuesdays and Thursdays, 18:45-21:30 hrs.

Lecture period: January - May

Lectures: Please check below for lecturers and a lecture schedule.


    • Gaining knowledge of pre-selected research and research methods in all fields in economics and business.
    • Acquiring the skills to analyze scientific articles, discuss research methods, and to write a paper.

    Detailed information

    The CentER Honors Program is comprised of eight sessions, with each session consisting of two lectures of three hours. Before the start of the program, you have to choose a minimum of five out of eight sessions. You are required to participate actively in both lectures of each session.

    The complete program is in English. This means that all literature and coursework are in English, and all assignments and papers need to be written in English.

    Before each lecture, you are required to study specific literature. During the first lecture in a session, an individual or group task is given in preparation for the second lecture.

    There will be no examinations. Instead, you will have to participate actively and make an individual assignment. This entails writing a research paper in one of your chosen fields. You will be supervised by the relevant professors.


    • Full preparation for and active participation in each session represents 1 ECTS.
    • The final assignment represents 2 ECTS.
    • The number of ECTS that can be earned by following the CentER Honors program is 7 ECTS to 10 ECTS depending on the number of chosen sessions.

    After successful participation in the program, you will be awarded with a certificate indicating the number of ECTS earned and the field chosen for the final paper. If you did not attend all 10 lectures or if you did not complete the assignment, then no certificate will be awarded. The date for the certificate awarding ceremony will be announced on this website.

    Further information