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Important dates

External Dates and Deadlines

  • AEA/ASSA Registration and Housing Opens: September, 2018
  • AEA/ASSA Meetings: 5-7 January, 2018, Philadelphia , USA.
  • Simposio de la Asociación Española de Economía (Spanish Job Market) Submission Deadline: 15 September, 2017
  • Spanish Job Market Meetings: to be announced
  • Royal Economic Society PhD Presentation Meetings: 9-10 December, 2017, (Westminster Business School) –
  • American Marketing Association (AMA) job market: 4-6 August 2017, San Fransicso, USA
  • Academy of Management, 5-8 August 2017, Atlanta, USA
  • American Finance Association, 5-7 January 2018, Philadelphia, USA
  • American Accounting Association (AAA), PhD Rookie Recruiting and Research Camp, 8-10 December 2017, Miami, USA
  • European Accounting Association (EAA), 10-12 May 2017, Valencia, Spain

Internal Dates and Deadlines

Friday, Mid September 2017 (exact date will be provided as soon as possible)

  • Job Market Info. Session: time and date to be determined - Discussed website info, and what you do at AEA interviews/flyouts.
  • Job Placement Mini-Series -Two half-day back-to-back series of 30 mins. presentations each. Make the presentation as clear for a broad Economics audience as possible - not too much jargon, but have the punchline, contribution, results clarified- and expect to finish in 30 mins even if interrupted. Faculty from both Economics and Econometrist will attend the series, ask questions, rate your presentation, and you will summarize the feedback for you.

Friday, early October 2017, (LATEST!!) (exact date will be provided as soon as possible)

  1. Finalize draft CV + Website (examples below) and send it by email to Otilia (Econometrics Students) and Burak (Economics Students). We will give feedback within a few days.
  2. Send Job Application List for early deadline jobs- by filling in Label Template - to Cecile de Bruijn so she can send out recommendation letters.

Friday, mid October 2017, (exact date will be provided as soon as possible)

Friday, mid November 2017, (LATEST!!) (exact date will be provided as soon as possible)

  • Submit FINAL Job Application List  - by filling in Label Template  - to Cecile de Bruijn  so she can send out recommendation letters.
November - December 2017
November 2017 - January 2018
  • Present Job Market Paper in Tilburg Seminar Series - job market seminar is 1 1/2 hours including questions.