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Job market timeline

Summer before your last year

  • Work on your job market paper -- this should be your top priority
  • Keep your advisor informed about your progress
  • Form a group of friends and colleagues who are willing to give you feedback on your job market paper -- I cannot stress the importance of this point. Try to explain your paper to colleagues from both related and unrelated fields (chances are you will need to explain it to people who are not in your field). Try practicing your job market seminars as much as you can.
  • Check out job-market opportunities that have early deadlines, e.g. the Spanish Job Market
  • Sign up to receive an e-mail notification when new issues of Job Openings for Economists (JOE) are published


  • Attend the Job Market Info Session
  • If interested, submit your paper for the Spanish Job Market.
  • Check out the submission date for the RES PhD Presentation Meeting and Job Market (UK Job Market Meetings)
  • If interested, register for the AEA Annual Meetings, arrange your transportation, and book a hotel room at one of the conference hotels as soon as registration open.
  • Make final changes to your job market paper -- this should be your priority
  • Send your paper to your advisor (and others) for feedback.
  • Ask your advisor and other professors (e.g. in your committee) to write you recommendation letters. It is important that the letter writers know your work and your progress. A recommendation letter from the advisor is mandatory. Make your letter writers aware that they have to finish writing their letters and submit them to Cecile de Bruijn way before the first job application deadlines, else they will not arrive in time.
  • Prepare a cover letter, teaching statement and research statement (see examples below)
  • Start searching for positions (e.g. in JOE, inomics, SSRN,,  Intermediair, NAKE/JOEN)


  • Attend the Job Placement Seminar Series
  • Revise your job market paper based on the feedback you got
  • October 10: Finalize your CV and website (see examples below) and send it to Otilia and Burak for feedback
  • October 10 (THE LATEST, earlier is better!!!): Send a job application list with early deadlines to Cecile de Bruijn, by filling in Label Template. She will send out the recommendation letters. You should only use this template.
  • October 17: Change CV and website based on the feedback you got form us, and send it along with Job Candidate Form to Cecile de Bruijn if you want to be on the job market candidate website.
  • The October issue of the Job Openings for Economists usually has the largest number of ads so make time to go through it.
  • Make a list of all the places you want to apply with late deadlines and get your advisor's thoughts on which jobs are feasible and suitable
  • Submit this list of job applications with preliminary deadlines to Cecile de Bruijn so she can send out recommendation letters. make sure your letter writers have already send their letters to Cecile.


  • All your remaining applications should be out in early November   
  • November 14, the LATEST (preferably earlier!!!): Submit your final job application list to Cecile de Bruijn. Please use the following template when preparing the contact information of the jobs you are applying to: Label Template. You should only use this template.
  • If interested, submit your paper for the London Job Market.


  • Check the deadline for Job Market Signaling
  • Prepare your spiel (see: what is a mock interview, questions 1, questions 2) and attend a mock interview
  • Revise and practice your spiel and job market seminar until you are perfectly comfortable with them
  • Attend the Spanish Job Market
  • Potential employers will start contacting you to schedule job interviews.
  • If you will travel or not, make sure that you can be reached at the email address and the MOBILE phone number you provided on your CV at all times
  • Continue looking and applying for European jobs outside the formal job market
  • Keep us informed about your job market prospects


  • Attend the AEA Meetings   
  • Attend the London Job Market
  • Potential employers will start contacting you to schedule campus-visits
  • Keep us informed about your job market prospects


  • Attend fly-outs, review offers   
  • Feel free to discuss with the Job Placement Committee your options and negotiations
  • If you don't have a fly-out or a job offer yet, keep sending out applications and don't be discouraged! Participate in the AEA Job Market Scramble.