CentER is a world-class research institute that draws on the academic expertise of some of the most outstanding minds in the field of economics and business.

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Research Facilities

CentER has excellent research facilities, such as its own lab: CentERlab and its own panel, CentERdata. In addition to the extensive Tilburg University library, CentER has its own library. Moreover, CentER has realized two specially designed seminar rooms to accommodate high-quality seminars.

University Library

Tilburg University Library is one of the most modern university libraries in Europe. In 2009, the library was renovated for optimal use of information technology. The library maintains subscriptions to a wide range of journals in economics, econometrics, mathematics, business administration, and information management. The book collection is kept up-to-date and covers all fields in economics, business, and related areas. The library also has a team of subject and information specialists in every subject field.

Library users have digital access to a wide range of scientific articles and journals. Additionally, computers facilities are available along with integrated workstations for data management, word-processing, and other PC functions. The library also offers an online catalogue, an online retrieval system, CD-ROMs, Internet and e-mail facilities, and online software reviews.

Seminar rooms

Two specially designed seminar rooms

CentER has two specially designed seminar rooms offering the possibility of a U-shaped table setting or a row table setting. Besides a combined digital screen and white board, these rooms also have a camera to record seminars for future use. The seminar rooms are located on the seventh floor (K-702) and eight floor (K-834) of the Koopmans building. Although the rooms are primarily used for seminars, they can also be reserved for other occasions.

For more information, please visit the Seminars webpage.

Note: above-mentioned seminar rooms will not be available during the renovation of the Koopmans Building.