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PhD Thesis Series

CentER has its own Dissertation Series, which commenced in June 1995.

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Copies can be ordered from the author, via the CentER Graduate Office.

PhD Theses 2015

430 Hüseyn İsmayılov Essays on Promises, Trust and Disclosure
429 Carlos León Rincón Financial Stability From a Network Perspective
428 Takamasa Suzuki Solutions for Cooperative Games with and without Transferable Utility
427 Niels Vermeer Non-financial determinants of the retirement age
426 Faiza Allah Bukhsh SMART AUDITING Innovative Compliance Checking In Customs Controls
425 Wim Janssen Essays in Financial Reporting, Tax, and Politics
424 Francesco Saverio Stentella Lopes Bank performance and Corporate Culture
423 Korcan Kavuşan Essays on Capability Development through Alliances

PhD Theses 2014

422 Adriana Breaban Behavior and asset markets: individual decisions, emotions and fundamental value trajectories
421 Ayşe Gül Mermer Essays in Behavioral Economics: Applied Game Theory and Experiments
420 Sofie Rogiest Change in Police Organizations A study of commitment, communication, culture, leadership and participation
419 Joaquim Miranda Sarmento Public Private Partnerships
418 Yang Zhou Essays on Habit Formation and Inflation Hedging
417 Clemens Bonner Liquidity Regulation and Bank Behavior
416 Hendrika Jobina Boonman Strategic Real Options: Capacity Optimization and Demand Structures
415 Julien Penasse Asset Prices and Priceless Assets
414 Tobias Dieler Essays on Asset Trade
413 Irene Geessien Lubberman-Schrotenboer Irene Geessien Lubberman-Schrotenboer Dynamics of payments, conflict and economic activity: Case studies of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia
412 Elena Pikulina-Prokudina Incentives, Behavioral biases, and Risk Taking
411 Paul Karehnke Portfolio Choice and Asset Pricing with Endogenous Beliefs and Skewness Preference
410 Jinghua Lei Essays on nonlinear panel date models
409 Yuejuan Yu Essays on Relationship Banking
408 Noelia Bernal Lobato Essays in Applied Microeconomics
407 Bilge Karataş Financial Crisis and Monetary Policy
406 Ata Can Bertay Essays on the impact of government policy, internationalization and financial innovation on financial stability
405 Uwe Truetsch A semidefinite programming based branch-and-bound framework for the quadratic assignment problem
404 Malik Çürük Essays on Economic Growth and International Trade
403 Hugo Smid Rhetoric and Realities of Corporate Social Responsibility
402 Alexander de Roode Model Uncertainty in Financial Markets: Long Run Risk and Parameter Uncertainty
401 Geng Niu Essays on Subjective Expectations and Mortality Trends
400 Francisco Urzúa Infante Essays on Ownership and Control
399 Melody Barlage Essays on the relations between European police forces and their stakeholders
398 Bram Gorissen Practical robust optimization techniques and improved inverse planning of HDR brachytherapy
397 Suphi Şen Essays in Environmental and Political Economics
396 Haki Pamuk Innovation Systems, Saving, Trust, and Economic Development in Africa
395 Arian Borgers Responsible Investing: New Insights into Performance and Tastes
394 Ying Yang Modeling Health and Mortality Dynamics, and Their Effects on Public Finance
393 Özer Selcuk Structural Restrictions in Cooperation
392 Ning Ma Optimal Scope of Supply Chain Network & Operations Design
391 Ihsan Yanikoğlu Robust Optimization Methods for Chance Constrained, Simulation-Based, and Bilevel Problems
390 Maria Sucre Reyes Finance, Growth, and Social Fairness: Evidence for Latin America and Bolivia
389 Narly Dwarkasing Essays on Historical Banking
388 Arjen van Lin Grocery Retail Dynamics and Store Choice
387 Astrid Kramer Resilient Networks in Healthcare: Effects of Structural and Cognitive Embeddedness on Network Commitment
386 Huaxiang Yin Organizational Architecture and Pro-social Behavior: Three Essays
385 Thomas Mosk Essays on Banking
384 Han van Kleef Learning to learn for innovation and sustainable development
383 Mieneke Koster Essays on Sustainable Supply Management
382 Anneke Kosse Consumer payment choices: Room for further digitisation?
381 Martijn Boons Sorting out Commodity and Macroeconomic Risk in Expected Stock Returns
380 Rasa Stasiukynaite Essays on Validation and Estimation of Agent-Based Models and on Overconfidence Measures
379 Mirjam Groote Schaarsberg Interactive Operational Decision Making: purchasing situations & mutual liability problems
378 Tim Boonen Game-theoretic approaches to optimal risk sharing
377 Louis Raes On the influence of institutional design on monetary policy making

PhD Theses 2013

376 Christiane Kneer Essays on the Size of the Financial Sector, Financial Liberalization and Growth
375 Kebin Ma Essays on Financial Fragility and Regulation
374 Jochem de Bresser Between Goals and Expectations — Essays on Pensions and Retirement
373 Romeo Langestraat Environmental Policies in Competitive Electricity Markets
372 Jiehui Hu Macroeconomic Announcements and Financial Markets
371 Johanna Slot Crossing Boundaries: Involving External Parties in Innovation
370 Antonios Varvitsiotis Combinatorial Conditions for Low Rank Solutions in Semidefinite Programming
369 Yaping Mao Essays on Leveraged Buyouts
368 Wendun Wang Essays on model averaging and political economics
367 Kan Ji Essays on tax policy, institutions, and output
366 Dinh Khoa Nguyen Blueprint Model and Language for Engineering Cloud Applications
365 Consuelo Silva Buston Essays on Risk Management and Systemic Risk
364 Zeynep Burcu Ugur From Headscarves to Donation; Three Essays on the Economics of Gender, Health and Happiness
363 Angèle Pieters Care and cure: compete or collaborate? : improving inter-organizational designs in healthcare : a case study in Dutch perinatal care
362 Nathanaël Vellekoop Essays on Household Saving, Religion and Pay Frequency
361 Cees Peters The faltering legitimacy of international tax law
360 Po Yan Edith Leung The Influence of Reporting Standards and Inter-Firm Relationships on Financial Reporting
359 Andreas Zenthofer Essays on Development Economics
358 Patricio de Alencar Silva Value Activity Monitoring
357 Thijs Peeters External Knowledge Search and Use in New Product Development
356 Liping Lu Essays on Banking and Finance in China
355 Radomir Todorov Essays on Banking and Regulation
354 Thomas Michielsen Essays in Environmental and Resource Economics
353 Jan Bonenkamp Risk, redistribution and retirement: the role of pension schemes
352 Beatrice Pataracchia Ambiguity Aversion and Heterogeneity in Financial Markets: An Empirical and Theoretical Perspective
351 Robert Kozarski Pricing and Hedging in the VIX Derivative Market
350 Gerard van der Meijden The Macroeconomic Dynamics of Trade Liberalization, Resource Exploitation, and Backstop Technologies
349 Peter van Oudheusden Essays on Fiscal Policy
348 Pedro Santos Raposo Flexibility of the labor market
347 Michele Aquaro Pairwise difference estimation of linear data models
346 Jeewanie Jayasinghe Arachchige A unified modeling framework for service design
345 Dorothe Singer The Role of Institutions in International Finance
344 Özge Özdemir Simulation Modeling and Optimization of Competitive Electricity Markets and Stochastic Fluid Systems
343 Mohammed Chahim Impulse Control Maximum Principle: Theory and Applications
342 Aukje Leufkens Accounts of Interest and Strategies of Inter-Organizational Projects: Towards Integrative Collaboration in the Dutch Shipbuilding Industry
341 Sara Amoroso Heterogeneity of innovative, collaborative, and productive firm-level processes
340 Vincent van Kervel Competition between Stock Exchanges and Optimal Trading

PhD Theses 2012

339 Jie Zheng Essays on Pensions, Health Expectancy and Credit Insurance
338 Rob Nijskens Bank risk, bailouts and ambiguity
337 Irene Gaia Becheri Limiting Experiments for Panel-Data and Jump-Diffusion Models
336 Erik von Schedvin Essays on banking, corporate bankruptcy, and corporate finance
335 Jaione Yabar Arriola Wait, Bond, and Buy: Consumer Responses to Economic Crisis
334 Jaap Voeten Understanding Responsible Innovation in Small Producers’ Clusters in Northern Vietnam: A grounded theory approach to globalization and poverty alleviation
333 Mark Humphery-Jenner Corporate Governance Mechanisms as a driver of Value-Destruction and Value-Creation
332 Benedikt Kratz A Model and Language for Business-aware Transactions
331 Jon Pluyter Designing Immersive Surgical Training Against Information Technology-Related Overload in the Operating Room
330 Fatih Cemil Özbuğday Empirical Essays on Ex Post Evaluations of Competition and Regulatory Authorities’ Decisions and Policy Reform
329 Juan-Juan Cai Estimation concerning risk under extreme value conditions
328 Millie Elsen Thin and Thicker Slices: How Advertising Effectiveness Depends on Exposure Duration
327 Mark Vroegrijk Smart Shopping": Implications of Hard-Discounters and Multiple-Store Patronage
326 Patrick Hullegie Essays on health and labor economics
325 Tunga Kantarci Essays on Partial Retirement
324 Zongxin Qian Essays on Globalization, Monetary Policy and Financial Crisis
323 Igor Fedotenkov Pensions and Ageing in a Globalizing World: International Spillover Effects via Trade and Factor Mobility
322 Karen Poghosyan Structural and Reduced-Form Modeling and Forecasting with Application to Armenia
321 Jinqiang Guo Quantitative Investment Strategies and Portfolio Management
320 Ronald Spanjers Be Patient: A Longitudinal Study on Adoption and Diffusion of IT-Innovation in Dutch Healthcare
319 Ivo van Amelsvoort Firm decisions and market responses: Three accounting essays
318 Philipp Geiler Essays on Executive Remuneration Contracting: Managerial Power, Corporate Payout, and Gender Discrimination
317 Peter Cziraki Insider Trading, Shareholder Activism, and Corporate Policies
316 Christoph Schottmüller Essays in Microeconomic Theory
315 Salima Douhou Essays on (Small) Crime: Perception, Social Norms, Happiness, and Prevention
314 David Hollanders The effect of Aging on Pensions
313 Amal Elgammal Towards a Comprehensive Framework for Business Process Compliance
312 John Glen Essays on the UK Residential Property Market
311 Emiel Maasland Essays in Auction Theory
310 Anne ter Braak A New Era in Retail: Private-Label Production by National-Brand Manufacturers and Premium-Quality Private Labels
309 Unnati Rani Saha Econometric Models of Child Mortality Dynamics in Rural Bangladesh
308 Luc Bissonnette Econometric Essays on Subjective Expectations and Stated Preferences
307 Fangfang Tan Behavioral Herogeneity in Economic Institutions: An Experimental Approach
306 Verena Hagspiel Flexibility in Technology Choice: A Real Options Approach
305 Edwin Lohmann Joint Decision Making and Cooperative Solutions

PhD Theses 2011

304 Juan Miguel Londoño Yarce Essays in Asset Pricing
303 Daniël Smit Freedom of Investment between EU and non-EU Member States and its impact on corporate income tax systems within the European Union
302 Pedro Duarte Bom The Macroeconomics of Fiscal Policy and Public Capital
301 Puduru Viswanadha Reddy Essays on Dynamic Games
300 Roy Lindelauf Design and Analysis of Covert Networks, Affiliations, and Projects
299 Roel Mehlkopf Risk Sharing with the Unborn
298 Marco Della Seta Essays in Corporate Financing and Investment under Uncertainty
297 Miguel Carvalho Essays in Behavioral Microeconomic Theory
296 Lisanne Sanders Annuity Market Imperfections
295 Jan van Tongeren From national accounting to design, compilation, and use of Bayesian policy analysis framworks
294 Moazzam Farooq Essays on Financial Intermediation and Markets
293 Christophe Spaenjers Essays in Alternative Investments
292 Marike Knoef Essays on Labor Force Participation, Aging, Income and Health
291 Marta Serra Garcia Communication, Lending Relationships and Collateral
290 Youtha Cuypers The Determinants and Performance Implications of Change in Inter-Organizational Relations
289 Kim Peijnenburg Consumption, Savings, and Investments over the Life Cycle
288 Christian Bogmans Essays on International Trade and the Environment
287 David Kroon The Post-Merger Integration Phase of Organizations: A Longitudinal of Unresolved Issues of Justice and Identity
286 Eric Engesaeth Managerial Compensation Contracting
285 Frans Stel Improving the performance of co-innovation aliances: Cooperating effectively with new business partners
284 Hana Vonkova The Use of Subjective Survey Data: Anchoring Vignettes and Stated Preference Methods
283 Titus Galama A Theory of Socioeconomic Disparities in Health
282 Thijs van der Heijden Duration Models, Heterogeneous Beliefs, and Optimal Trading
281 Martin Knaup Market-Based Measures of Bank Risk and Bank Aggressiveness
280 Chris Müris Panel Data Econometrics and Climate Change
279 Mary Pieterse-Bloem The Effect of EMU on Bond Market Integration and Investor Portfolio Allocations
278 Willem Muhren Foundations of Sensemaking Support Systems for Humanitarian Crisis Response
277 Jérémie Lefebvre Essays on the Regulation and Microstructure of Equity Markets
276 (2010) Maria Cristina Majo A Microeconometric Analysis of Health Care Utilization in Europe
275 Jan Stoop Laboratory and Field Experiments on Social Dilemmas
274 Muhammad Ather Elahi Essays on Financial Fragility
273 Néomie Raassens The Performance Implications of Outsourcing
272 Kenan Kalayci Essays in Behavioral Industrial Organization
271 Cristian Dobre Semidefinite Programming Approaches for Structured Combinatorial Optimization Problems
270 Ralph Stevens Longevity Risk in Life Insurance Products

PhD Theses 2010

269 Mieszko Mazur Essays on Managerial Remuneration, Organizational Structure and Non-Cash Divestitures
268 Yang Zhao The Role of Directors' Professional and Social Networks in CEO Compensation and the Managerial Labour Market
267 Cécile Fruteau Biological Markets in the Everyday Lives of Mangabeys and Vervets: An Observational and Experimental Study
266 Galla Salganik Essays on Investment Flows of Hedge Fund and Mutual Fund Investors
265 Jeffrey Powell The Limits of Economic Self-interest: The Case of Open Source Software
264 Hsing-Er Lin Effects of Strategy, Context and Antecedents and Capabilities on Outcomes of Ambidexterity - A Multiple Country Case Study of the US, China and Taiwan
263 Carlos Lourenço Consumer Models of Store Price Image Formation and Store Choice
262 Vasilios Andrikopoulos A Theory and Model for the Evolution of Software Services
261 Owen Powell Essays on Experimental Bubble Markets
260 Femke van Horen Breaking the mould on copycats
259 Alma Timmers The perceived cultural changes and the changes in identification of the employees during a merger between two airlines
258 Marcel Hiel An Adaptive Service Oriented Architecture
257 Maria Gantner Some Nonparametric Diagnostic Statistical Procedures and their Asymptotic Behavior
256 Renxiang Dai Essays on Pension Finance and Dynamic Asset Allocation
255 Gerwald van Gulick Game Theory and Application in Finance
254 Barbara Flügge IS Standards in Designing Business-to-Government Collaborations - The Case of Customs
253 Dirk Broeders Essays on the Valuation of Discretionary Liabilities and Pension Fund Investment Policy
252 Lenny Visser Thresholds in Logistics Collaboration Decisions
251 Andrea Krajina An M-Estimator of Multivariate Tail Dependence
250 Henry van der Wiel Competion and Innovation: Together a Tricky Rollercoaster for Productivity
249 Jun Zhou Access to Justice: An Economic Approach
248 Elleke Janssen Inventory Control in Case of Unknown Demand and Control Parameters
247 John Kleppe Modelling Interactive Behaviour, and Solution Concepts

PhD Theses 2009

PhD Theses 2008

229 Yuping Jia Essays on the Role of Managerial Type in Financial Reporting
228 Anna-Katharina Wick Conflicts, Development and Natural Resources: An Applied Game Theoretic Approach
227 Günseli Tümer-Alkan Essays on Banking
226 Viorel Roscovan Essays on Banking and Asset Pricing
225 Mario Schijven Acquisition Capability Development: Behavioral and Cognitive Learning Perspectives
224 Edwin van der Werf Climate Policy and Economic Dynamics: the Role of Substitution and Technological Change
223 Hendri Adriaens Financial Markets with Data-Driven Investment Decisions
222 Carin van der Cruijsen The Economic Impact of Central Bank Transparency
221 Robert van Wessel Realizing Business Benefits from Company IT Standardization
220 Vera Toepoel A Closer Look at Web Questionnaire Design
219 Patricia Prüfer Model Uncertainty in Growth Empirics
218 Sebastian Gryglewicz Essays on Competition, Corporate Financing and Investment: A Stochastic Dynamic Approach
217 Stefano Moretti Cost Allocation Problems Arising from Connection Situations in an Interactive Cooperative Setting
216 Katya Vladislavleva Model-based Problem Solving through Symbolic Regression via Pareto Genetic Programming
215 Leon Zolotoy Empirical Essays on the Information Transfer Between and the Informational Efficiency of Stock Markets
214 Jia Liu Brand and Automaticity
213 Brenda González-Hermosillo Transmission of Shocks Across Global Financial Markets: The Role of Contagion and Investors' Risk Appetite
212 Yvonne Adema The International Spillover Effects of Ageing and Pensions
211 Ralph Koijen Essays on Asset Pricing
210 Willemien Kets Networks and Learning in Game Theory
209 Judith Lammers HIV/AIDS, Risk and Intertemporal Choice
208 Amarendra Sahoo Essays on the Indian Economy: Competitive Pressure, Productivity and Performance
207 Jetske Bouma Voluntary Cooperation in the Provision of a Semi-Public Good: Community-based Soil and Water Conservation in Semi-arid India
206 Alex Siem Property Preservation and Quality Measures in Meta-Models
205 Willem Woertman Learning in Consumer Choice
204 Anne Gielen Age-specific Labor Market dynamics

PhD Theses 2007

PhD Theses 2006

186 Marta Szymanowska Essays on Rational Asset Pricing
185 Mohammed Ibrahim Trust, Dependence and Interorganisational Systems
184 Emiliya Lazarova Stability, Governance and Effectiveness: Essays on the Service Economy
183 Attila Korpos Monetary Regimes in Open Economies
182 Marina Martynova The Market for Corporate Control and Corporate Governance Regulation in Europe
181 Andrey Vasnev Local Sensitivity in Econometrics
180 Erwin Stinstra The Meta-Model Approach for Simulation-based Design Optimization
179 Chendi Zhang Ethics, Investment and Investor Behavior
178 Marina Velikova Monotone Models for Prediction in Data Mining
177 Martijn de Jong Response Bias in International Marketing Research
176 Frans Cruijssen Horizontal Cooperation in Transport and Logistics
175 Yue Wang Essays on the Relevance and Use of Dirty Surplus Accounting Flows in Europe
174 Corrado Di Maria Choosing the Direction: Investment, the Environment and Economic Development
173 Bart Husslage Maximin Designs for Computer Experiments
172 Youwei Li On Microscopic Simulation Models of Financial Markets
171 Arantza Estévez-Fernández Cooperative Behavior, Competition and Operations Research
170 Marta Stryszowska Essays on Auctions
169 Marieke Quant Interactive Behavior in Conflict Situations
168 Annabel Sels Foreign Direct Investment as an Entry Mode. An Application in Emerging Economies
167 Ralf van der Lans Brand Search
166 Dantao Zhu Essays on Financial Structure and Macroeconomic Performance
165 Lonneke Driessen Simulation-based Optimization for Product and Process Design
164 Rossella Bargiacchi Modelling and Testing Behavior in Applications to Climate Change
163 Anna Nadolska Learning to Expand Internationally: The Pace and Success of Foreign Acquisitions
162 Fleur Laros Emotions in Consumer Research: An Application to Novel Food Products
161 Maaike le Blanc - van Krieken Solving Set Partitioning Problems using Lagrangian Relaxation
160 Ieke le Blanc Closing Loops in Supply Chain Management: Designing Reverse Supply Chains for End-of-Life Vehicles
159 Rekha Krishnan When is Trust Produced and when does it Matter? Taking a Closer Look at Trust and Alliance Performance
158 Martin Kahanec Social Interaction in theLabor Market: Essays on Earning Inequality, Labor Substitutability, and Segregation
157 Mark-Jan Boes IndexOptions: Pricing, Implied Densities and Returns

PhD Theses 2005

PhD Theses 2004

PhD Theses 2003

PhD Theses 2002

PhD Theses 2001

94 Erica van Herpen Perceptions and Evaluations of Assortment Variety
93 Han Donker Takeovers: An Empirical Study of Ownership Structure and the Wealth to Shareholders in Dutch Takeovers
92 Rian Drogendijk Expansion Patterns of Dutch Firms in Central and Eastern Europe: Learning to Internationalize
91 Stefan Stremersch Essays on Marketing Strategy in Technology-Intensive Markets
90 Alexander Konovalov Essays in General Equilibrium Theory
89 Enrico Diecidue Nonexpected Utility and Coherence
88 Judith Timmer Cooperative Behaviour, Uncertainty and Operations Research
87 Bernard Conlon Consumer Rationality in Choice
86 Theo Leers Public Pensions and Population Ageing: An Economic Analysis of Fertility, Migration and Social-Security Policy
85 Rosalia Vazquez Alvarez A Nonparametric Approach to the Sample Selection Problem in Survey Data
84 Vincent Verouden Essays in Antitrust Economics
83 Willem Verhagen Inflation Targeting and Interest Rate Policy
82 Ricardo Recht Organisational Culture and Privatisation. A case Study of the Argentinean Railway Sector
81 Bram van den Broek Uncertainty in Differential Games
80 Joost Driessen Empirical Studies on the Pricing of Bonds and Interest Rate Derivatives
79 Kanat Camlibel Complementarity Methods in the Analysis of Piecewise Linear Dynamical Systems
78 Xiaodong Gong Empirical Studies on the Labor Market and on Consumer Demand
77 Teye Marra The Influence of Proprietary Disclosure Costs on the Decision to Go Public

PhD Theses 2000

PhD Theses 1999

62 Edward Droste Adaptive Behavior in Economic and Social Environments
61 Mark Voorneveld Potential Games and Interactive Decisions With Multiple Criteria
60 Sharon Schalk Equilibrium Theory: A Salient Approach
59 Miguel Rosellon Cifuentes Essays on Financial Policy Liquidation Values and Product Markets
58 Maurice Koster Cost Sharing in Production Situations and network exploitation
57 Yohane Khamfula Essays on Exchange Rate Policy in Developing Countries
56 Aldo de Moor Empowering Communities. A Method for the Legitimate User-Driven Specification of Network Information Systems
55 Michael Kosfeld Individual Decison-Making and Social Interaction
54 Jan Fidrmuc The Political Economy of Reforms in Central and Eastern Europe
53 Trea Aldershof Female Labor Supply and Housing Decisions
52 Abe de Jong An Empirical Analysis of Capital Structure Decisions in Dutch Firms
51 Rob Aalbers On the Implications of Thresholds for Economic Science and Environmental Policy
50 Laurence van Lent Incomplete Contracting Theory in Empirical Accounting Research
49 Haoran Pan Competitive Pressures on Income Distribution in China
48 Freek Vermeulen Shifting Ground: Studies on the Intersection ofOrganizational Expansion,Internationalization and Learning
47 Ursula Glunk Realizing High Performance on Multiple Stakeholder Domains: A Resource-Based Analysis of Professional Service Firms in the Netherlands and Germany
46 Adriaan Kalwij Household Consumption, Female Employment and Fertility Decisions: A Microeconometric Analysis

PhD Theses 1998

PhD Theses 1997

PhD Theses 1996

PhD Theses 1995

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