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Top Publications 2014

Department of Accountancy - 2014

Department of Accountancy
Jia, Van Lent, Zeng Masculinity, testosterone and financial misreporting Journal of Accounting Research, 52(5), 1195-1246
Bruynseels, Cardinaels The audit committee: Management watchdog or personal friend of the CEO? The Accounting Review, 89, 1, 113-145

Department of Econometrics & OR - Econometrics - 2014

Department of Econometrics & OR - Econometrics
Andreou, Werker Residual-based rank specification tests for AR-GARCH type models Journal of Econometrics, 185(2), 305-331
Renault, Van der Heijden, Werker The dynamic mixed hitting-time model for multiple transaction prices and times Journal of Econometrics, 180(2), 233-250
Segers, Van den Akker, Werker Semiparametric Gaussian copula models: Geometry and efficient rank-based estimation Annals of Statistics, 42(5), 1911-1940

Department of Econometrics & OR - Operations Research - 2014

Department of Econometrics & OR - Operations Research
Nagy, Laurent, Varvitsiotis Forbidden minor characterizations for low-rank optimal solutions to semidefinite programs over the elliptope Journal of Combinatorial Theory, Series B, 108 (September 2014), 40-80
Gorissen, Blanc, Den Hertog, Ben-Tal Deriving robust and globalized robust solutions of uncertain linear programs having general convex uncertainty sets Operations Research, 62(3), 672-679
Van Dam, Haemers, Koolen Regular graphs with maximal energy per vertex Journal of Combinatorial Theory, Series B, 107 (July 2014), 123-131
Hamers, Miquel, Norde Monotonic stable solutions for minimum coloring games Mathematical Programming, 145(1-2), 509-529
Laurent, Varvitsiotis A new graph parameter related to bounded rank positive semidefinite matrix completions Mathematical Programming, 145(1-2), 291-325
Sotirov An efficient semidefinite programming relaxation for the graph partition problem INFORMS Journal on Computing, 26(1), 16-30
Ben-Tal, Den Hertog Hidden conic quadratic representation of some nonconvex quadratic optimization problems Mathematical Programming, 143(1-2), 1-29

Department of Economics - 2014

Department of Economics
Choi, Kariv, Müller, Silverman Who is (more) rational? American Economic Review, 104(6), 1518-1550
Bijlsma, Boone, Zwart Competition leverage: How the demand side affects optimal risk adjustment RAND Journal of Economics, 45(4), 792-815
Vannoorenberghe International trade, risk taking and welfare Journal of International Economics, 92(2), 363-374
Noussair, Trautmann, Van de Kuilen Higher Order Risk Attitudes, Demographics, and Financial Decisions Review of Economic Studies 81(1), 325−355

Department of Finance - 2014

Department of Finance
Baele, Bekaert, Cho, Inghelbrecht, Moreno Macroeconomic regimes Journal of Monetary Economics, 70, 51-71
Dell’Ariccia, Laeven, Marquez Real interest rates, leverage, and bank risk-taking Journal of Economic Theory, 149, 65-99
Jouini, Karehnke, Page, Napp On portfolio choice with savoring and disappointment Management Science, 60(3), 796-804
Jiménez, Ongena, Pedro, Saurina Hazardous times for monetary policy: What do twenty-three million bank loans say about the effects of monetary policy on credit risk-taking Econometrica, 82(2), 463-505
Beck, Lin, Ma Why do firms evade taxes? The role of information sharing and financial sector outreach Journal of Finance, 69(2), 763-817
De Roon, Nijman, Szymanowska, Van den Goorbergh An anatomy of commodity futures risk premia Journal of Finance, 69(1), 453-482

Department of Management - Information Management - 2014

Department of Management - Information Management
Ou, Pavlou, Davison Swift Guanxi in online marketplace: The role of computer-mediated-communication technologies MIS Quarterly, 38(1), 209-230

Department of Management - Organization & Strategy - 2014

Department of Management - Organization & Strategy
Tarakci, Ates, Porck, Van Knippenberg, Groenen, De Haas Strategic consensus mapping: A new method for testing and visualizing strategic consensus within and between teams Strategic Management Journal, 35(7), 1053-1069
De Blok, Meijboom, Luijkx, Schols, Schroeder Interfaces in service modularity: A typology developed in modular health care provision Journal of Operations Management, 32(4), 175-189
Bode, Wagner Supplier relationship-specific investments and the role of safeguards for supplier innovation sharing Journal of Operations Management, 32(3), 65-78
Castaner, Dussauge, Garrette, Mulotte Governance mode vs. governance fit? Performance implications of make-or-ally choices for product innovation in the worldwide aircraft industry, 1942-2000 Strategic Management Journal, 35(9), 1386-1397
Mulotte Do experience effects vary across governance modes? Evidence from new product introduction in the global aerospace, 1948–2000 Organization Science, 25(3), 757-775
Ghosh, Martin, Pennings, Wezel Ambition Is Nothing Without Focus: Compensating for Negative Transfer of Experience in R&D Organization Science, 25(2), 572-590
Tatarynowicz, Sytch Exploring the locus of invention: The dynamics of network communities and firms’ invention productivity Academy of Management, 57(1), 249-279
Tatarynowicz, Sytch Friends and foes: The dynamics of dual social structures Academy of Management, 57(2), 585-613

Department of Marketing - 2014

Department of Marketing
Dinner, Van Heerde, Neslin Driving online and offline sales: The cross-channel effects of traditional, online display, and paid search advertising Journal of Marketing Research, 51(5), 527-545
Guyt, Gijsbrechts Take turns or march in sync? Impact of the national brand promotion calendar on manufacturer and retailer performance Journal of Marketing Research, 51(6), 753-772
Frison, Dekimpe, Croux, De Maeyer Billboard and cinema advertising: Missed opportunity or spoiled arms? International Journal of Research in Marketing, 31(4), 425-433
Eun Huh, Vosgerau, Morewedge Social defaults: Observed choices become choice defaults Journal of Consumer Research, 41(3), 746-760
Knox, Van Oest Customer complaints and recovery effectiveness: A customer base approach Journal of Marketing, 78(5), 42-57
Garbinsky, Klesse, Aaker Money in the bank: Feeling powerful increases saving Journal of Consumer Research, 41(3), 610-623
Dekimpe, Gielens, Gijsbrechts Gains and losses of exclusivity in grocery retailing International Journal of Research in Marketing, 31(3)
Van Lin, Gijsbrechts Shopper loyalty to whom? Chain versus outlet loyalty in the context of store acquisitions Journal of Marketing Research, 51(3), 352-370
Raassens, Wuyts, Geyskens The performance implications of outsourcing customer support to service providers in emerging versus established economies International Journal of Research in Marketing, 31(3), 280-292
Özturan, Özsomer, Pieters The role of market orientation in advertising spending during economic collapse: The case of Turkey in 2001 Journal of Marketing Research, 51(2), 139-152
Satomura, Wedel, Pieters Copy alert: A method and metric to detect visual copycat brands Journal of Marketing Research, 51(1), 1-13
Geyskens, Steenkamp Manufacturer and retailer strategies to impact store brand share: Global integration, local adaptation, and worldwide learning Marketing Science, 33(1), 6-26