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Top Publications 2016

Department of Accountancy - 2016

Department of Accountancy
Jiang, Kumar, Law Political contributions and analyst behavior Review of Accounting Studies, 21(1), 37-88

Department of Econometrics & OR - Econometrics - 2016

Department of Econometrics & OR - Econometrics
Hallin, Van den Akker, Werker Semiparametric error-correction models for cointegration with tends: Pseudo-gaussian and optimal rank-based tests of the cointegration rank Journal of Econometrics, 190(1), 46-61
Einmahl, Kiriliouk, Krajina, Segers An M-estimator of spatial tail dependence Journal of the Royal Statistical Society B, 78, 275-298
Einmahl, De Haan, Zhou Statistics of heteroskedastic extremes Journal of the Royal Statistical Society B, 78, 31-51

Department of Econometrics & OR - Operations Research - 2016

Department of Econometrics & OR - Operations Research
Abiad, Van Dam, Fiol Some spectral and quasi-spectral characterizations of distance-regular graphs Journal of Combinatorial Theory, Series A, 143, 1-18
Postek, Den Hertog Multi-stage adjustable robust mixed-integer optimization via iterative splitting of the uncertainty set INFORMS Journal on Computing, 28(3), 553-574
Bertsimas, De Ruiter Two-stage adaptive linear optimization: Faster computation and stronger bounds INFORMS Journal on Computing, 28(3), 500-511
Camlibel, Schumacher Linear passive systems and maximal monotone mappings Mathematical Programming, 157(2), 397-420
Shtern, Ben-Tal Semi definite programming approach for robust tracking Mathematical Programming, 156(1), 615-656
Ghaddar, Vera, Anjos A dynamic inequality generation scheme for polynomial programming Mathematical Programming, 156(1), 21-57

Department of Economics - 2016

Department of Economics
Suetens, Gablo-Jörgensen, Tyran Predicting Lotto Numbers – A natural experiment on the gambler’s fallacy and the hot hand fallacy Journal of the European Economic Association, 14(3), 584-607
Nyborg, De Zeeuw e.a. Social norms as solutions Science, 354(6308), 42-43
Bertay, Demirguc-Kunt, Huizinga Should cross-border banking benefit from the financial safety net? Journal of Financial Intermediation, 27, 51-67
Boone, Schottmüller Procurement with specialized firms RAND Journal of Economics, 47(3), 661-687
Corradin, Gropp, Huizinga, Laeven The effect of personal bankruptcy exemptions on investment in home equity Journal of Financial Intermediation, 25, 77-98
Dalton, Ghosal, Mani Poverty and aspirations failure The Economic Journal, 126(590), 165-188
Van Ours, Vollaard The engine immobiliser: A non-starter for car thieves The Economic Journal, 126(593), 1264-1291

Department of Finance - 2016

Department of Finance
Bottazzi, Da Rin, Hellmann The importance of trust for investment: Evidence from venture capital Review of Financial Studies, 29(9), 2283-2318
Ferrel, Liang, Renneboog Socially responsible firms Journal of Financial Economics, 122(3), 585-606
Cosemans, Frehen, Schotman, Bauer Estimating security betas using prior information based on firm fundamentals Review of Financial Studies, 29(4), 1072-1112
Spalt, Schneider Conglomerate investment, skewness, and the CEO long shot bias Journal of Finance, 7192), 635-672
Beetsma, Giuliodori, De Jong, Widijanto Price effects of sovereign debt auctions in the Euro-zone: The role of the crisis Journal of Financial Intermediation, 25, 30-53
Kumar, Page, Spalt Gambling and comovements Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, 51(1), 85-111

Department of Management - Information & Supply Chain Management - 2016

Department of Management - Information Management

Department of Management - Strategy & Organization- 2016

Department of Management - Organization & Strategy
Anand, Mulotte, Ren Does experience imply learning? Strategic Management Journal, 37(7), 1395-1412
Haans, Pieters, He Thinking about U: Theorizing and testing U- and inverted U-shaped relationships in strategy research Strategic Management Journal, 37(7), 1177-1195
Simons, Vermeulen, Knoben There is no beer without a smoke: Community cohesion and neighboring communities'effects on organizational resistance to anti smoking regulations in the Dutch hospitality industry Academy of Management Journal, 59(2), 545-578
Reuer, Devarakonda Mechanisms of hybrid governance: Administrative committees in non-equity alliances Academy of Management Journal, 59(2), 510-533

Department of Marketing - 2016

Department of Marketing
Hewett, Rand, Rust, Van Heerde Brand buzz in the echoverse Journal of Marketing, 80(3), 1-24
Keller, Dekimpe, Geyskens Let your banner wave? Antecedents and performance implications of retailers’ private-label branding strategies Journal of Marketing, 80(4), 1-19
Gijsbrechts, Foubert Try it, you’ll like it—or will you? The perils of early free-trial promotions for high-tech service adoption Marketing Science, 35(5), 810-826
Krishnan, Geyskens, Steenkamp The effectiveness of contractual and trust-based governance in strategic alliances under behavioral and environmental uncertainty Strategic Management Journal, 37(12), 2521-2542
Bronnenberg, Kim, Mela Zooming in on choice: How do consumers search for cameras online Marketing Science, 35(5), 693-712
Elsen, Pieters, Wedel Thin slice impressions: How advertising evaluation depends on exposure duration Journal of Marketing Research, 53(4), 563-579
Van Lin, Gijsbrechts The battle for health and beauty: What drives supermarket and drugstore category-promotion lifts? International Journal of Marketing in Research, 33(3), 557-577