Center for Innovation Research

CIR pursues and propagates fundamental research on innovation with a focus on the strategic and organizational dynamics associated with innovation and learning at the organizational, intra-organizational, and inter-organizational levels.


Center for Innovation Research

CIR, the Center for Innovation Research at Tilburg University, brings together, supports and promotes research related to innovation.

CIR researchers study the effects that business and corporate strategy, organizational processes, and organizational learning have on innovation outcomes. They aim to publish the results of their work in the top journals in the field. CIR's research program covers three main themes:

  • Innovation Strategy
  • Organization of Innovation
  • Organizational Learning

These themes coincide with the primary areas of expertise of CIR's constituting departments.


In April (2014) an external committee made up of Aks Zaheer (Carlson School of Management), Melissa Schilling (NYU Stern) and Erkko Autio (Imperial College London) visited CIR. This as part of the final asessment of CIR’s five year existence. While the visitation report is still in the making, the first impressions that had communicated to the Management Team were very positive.

Gertjan Lucas will defend his dissertation on November 14. Lucas will be the sixth of CIR PhD students to obtain his PhD title. His research is focused on organizational learning from performance feedback and innovation (supervised by Marius Meeus, Joris Knoben & Petre Curşeu).

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