Center for Innovation Research

CIR pursues and propagates fundamental research on innovation with a focus on the strategic and organizational dynamics associated with innovation and learning at the organizational, intra-organizational, and inter-organizational levels.


About Center for Innovation Research (CIR)

In a globalizing world the competitive position of mature economies depends on their capacity for renewal and sustainable growth. The actual source of this competitive strength, however, lies in the organizations of those economies, and specifically in their ability to learn and innovate. This makes innovation a pivotal element of corporate strategies and places it high on the political agenda.

Tilburg University is home to a number of researchers working on issues related to innovation. CIR, the Center for Innovation Research at Tilburg University, brings together, supports and promotes this research. The core of CIR is formed by researchers from the departments of Management (School of Economics and Management) and Organization Studies (School of Social and Behavioral Sciences).

CIR researchers study the effects that business and corporate strategy, organizational processes, and organizational learning have on innovation outcomes. They aim to publish the results of their work in the top journals in the field. CIR's research program covers three main themes: innovation strategy, organization of innovation and organizational learning. These themes coincide with the primary areas of expertise of CIR's constituting departments.

At CIR we focus on innovation-related issues and challenges faced by organizations or networks of organizations and aim to answer the underlying theoretical questions. While CIR's core activity is fundamental research, its ambition is to produce knowledge that can lead to improved innovation outcomes.

CIR's research is complementary with the research of other Tilburg University institutes such as TILEC and TIBER.