Center for Innovation Research

CIR pursues and propagates fundamental research on innovation with a focus on the strategic and organizational dynamics associated with innovation and learning at the organizational, intra-organizational, and inter-organizational levels.


Events Center for Innovation Resarch (CIR)

Center for Innovation Research offers its fellows and PhD students as well as the wider academic community of Tilburg University a seminar series, biannual conferences, specialized workshops and Junior Faculty Forum. Industry Council meetings and Scientific Council meetings are a means for the CIR Management Team to gain feedback on and direction for CIR research agenda from, respectively, the leading industry practitioners and world class scholars in the area of innovation.


Seminars under CIR’s banner do not take place during the evaluation period of the institute. Equivalent seminars are held by the two departments from whom majority of CIR fellows originate: Department of Management (Seminars Management) and Department of Organization Studies (Seminars TSB)

Biannual conferences

CIR conferences bring together top innovation scholars from around the world for a two day intense interaction. The first in the series of Tilburg Conferences on Innovation took place in June 2010. This CIR-organized conference had as its main theme “Innovation at the Intersection of Strategy, Organization and Learning” and offered an opportunity for a two day, intense dialog on the issues related to innovation. With around 80 participants from around the world, among whom many leading innovation scholars, the conference firmly placed CIR on the map of innovation research landscape. Main speakers included Will Mitchell (Duke University), Andrew van de Ven (University of Minnesota), Bart Nooteboom (CIR, Tilburg University), Terry Amburgey (University of Toronto), Maurizio Zollo (Bocconi University, Gino Vattani (New York University), Joe Lampel (City University London) and Keld Laursen (Copenhagen Business School).

Following the highly successful conference held in 2010, the second in the series of international Tilburg Conferences on Innovation took place in June of 2012 with as its main theme Recombining Innovation Research and focused on building bridges the various subfields, topics and disciplines of innovation research. Close to 100 innovation scholars participated in this  two day conference. Some of the prominent guests included Huggy Rao (Stanford Graduate School of Business), Dan Levinthal (Wharton), Kaye Schoonhoven (University of California at Irvine), Gino Cattani (New York University), Stefano Brusoni (ETH Zürich) and Terry Amburgey (University of Toronto).

Specialized workshops

Specialized workshops are built around the expertise of a special guest at CIR and give CIR fellows an opportunity to receive pertinent feedback on their work in progress. Examples of specialized workshops organized by CIR include, workshop on Working with Patent Data (with Juan Alcacer) and workshop on Goal Setting and Performance Feedback (with Henrich Greve).