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Research of the Department Medical and Clinical Psychology is embedded in CoRPS.

Pediatric Psychology

Psychology and Pediatrics have common ground in Pediatric Psychology. Pediatric Psychology focuses on the relationship between psychological well-being and physical functioning of children and adolescents with a variety of pediatric diseases, and their families.

Through improved medical care, the number of children who survive a medical condition has increased. Nowadays, about 14% of the children in the Netherlands live with a chronic condition. Living with a chronic condition often goes hand in hand with disturbances in child development and impaired psychosocial functioning. Pediatric psychology addresses developmental and psychosocial problems that result from (chronic) diseases and medical treatment, aiming to minimize negative consequences of the disease and optimizing psychosocial functioning. To optimize pediatric care, pediatric psychology combines scientific research and the clinical work of pediatric psychologists.

Main research lines include:

  1. the quality of the parent-child interaction and psychosocial functioning, including depression and quality of life of children and adolescents with diabetes type 1;
  2. factors affecting the quality of life of children and adolescents with defecation problems (ARM/HD and functional constipation);
  3. effects of psychiatric problems and psychopathology in woman during pregnancy on the quality of the attachment between mothers and their children after birth. In addition, other studies in which we participate include the evaluation of an intervention to improve the quality of life of children with obesity, the emotional awareness and personality of children with functional complaints (headache, fatigue and bellyache), and the neuropsychologial functioning and behavioral problems in young children infected with the enterovirus.

 National collaborators

  • Academic Medical Center/VUMC: dr. AL van der Steegh & prof. H. Heij (Pediatric Surgery), prof. MAG Sprangers (Medical Psychology), prof. M. Benninga (Pediatric care);
  • University of Amsterdam: prof. dr. FJ Oort (Department of Education);
  • University of Malawi: prof. Aronson (Pediatric Surgery);
  • Academic Hospital Maastricht: prof. van Heurn (Pediatric Surgery);
  • Sophia Children’s Hospital Rotterdam: dr. Madern (Pediatric Surgery)
  • Academic Hospital Utrecht: prof. van der Zee (Pediatric Surgery);
  • Radbout Hospital Nijmegen: dr. De Blaauw (Pediatric Surgery);
  • Academic Hospital Groningen; dr. van Dijk (Pediatric Surgery);
  • DIABETER Rotterdam, Deventer and Veldhoven: dr. HJ Aanstoot, dr. P.Winterdijk (Pediatric Diabetes Care)
  • Kidz&Ko is a cooperation between diabetic teams of the pediatric departments of 7 hospitals, St. Elisabeth Hospital Tilburg (dr. Schermer), TweeSteden Hospital (dr. Rijnvos), Catharina Hospital Eindhoven (dr. R. Odink), Sint Anna Hospital Geldrop (dr. Kok); Bernhoven hospital Veghel/Oss (dr. Slabbers), Jeroen Hospital (dr. van Mil), Elkerliek Hospital (dr. Hurkx);
  • Medisch Spectrum Twente (dr. A. Smeets-Schouten);
  • Elisabeth hospital: prof. dr. J. de Vries & drs. I. Serkel (Medical Psychology), dr. C. Obihara & dr. Nissen (Pediatrics);
  • TweeSteden: dr. HJHM van Dessel (Gynaecology) & dr. A. Schiffer (Medical Psychology);
  • Jeroen Bosch hospital: dr. Schuitema (Pediatrics);
  • Catharina hospital: dr. N. Maas van Schaaijk & Miriam van der Pelt (Pediatric Psychology) & dr. R. Pelleboer (Pediatrics);
  • Atrium MC Maastricht: dr. R. Moonen (Gyneacology) & dr. M. Leurs (Psychiatry);
  • Sint Anna hospital: dr. P. Soons (Pediatric Psychology);
  • M. Eliëns (national coordinator VIB/VIT);
  • Elkerliek hospital: dr. Bolz (Pediatrics);
  • Canisius ziekenhuis: dr. B. Semmekrot (Pediatrics) & dr. M. Steeghs (Pediatric Psychology).

International collaborators

  • MILES-Kids
  • Dawn Youth