CoRPS Center of Excellence

Research of the Department Medical and Clinical Psychology is embedded in CoRPS.

Completed PhD projects CoRPs

Olga Husson

thesis husson corps

Information provision and patient reported outcomes in cancer survivors: with a special focus on thyroid cancer.

Lotje van Esch

thesis esch corps

Anxiety in breast cancer patients.

Henneke Versteeg

thesis versteeg corps

Cardiovascular Implantable Electronic Devices, The Patient Perspective

Giesje Nefs

thesis nefs corps

Diabetes and emotional distress:the need for a personalized approach.

Kim G.E. Smolderen

thesis smolderen corps

Psychological Burden in Peripheral Arterial Disease: A Call to Action.

Floortje Mols

thesis mols corps

Physical and psychological well-being among long-term cancer survivors.

Mirela Habibovic

thesis habibovic corps

Implantable cardioverter defibrillators - Heart and mind: In search of patient-tailored care.

Lianne Ringoir

thesis ringoir corps

Clinical and psychological aspects of cardiovascular risk management in primary care hypertension patients.