Center for Transboundary Legal Development

Research on the increasing interrelatedness between legal systems, the diversity of actors which influence processes of law making, and the legal issues involved while working towards 'globalisation with a human face'.

Events and colloquia Center for Transboundary Legal Development



  • 3 November Global Law Symposium

Brown Bag Lunches (5th floor M building, 12.30-13.30)

  • 15 November
    Philip Wesche
  • 29 November
    Morag Goodwin
  • 13 December
    Floor Fleurke

Past Brown Bag Lunches

  • 18 January
    Jonathan Verschuuren: Towards a regulatory framework for climate smart agriculture: lessons from Australia
  • 1 February
    Linnet Taylor: The ethics of big data as a public good: which public? Whose good?
  • 8 February
    Anne Saab: Fear and International Law: The Role of Fear in Regulating Genetically Modified Foods
  • 15 March
    Hans Lindahl: Legal Order and the Globalization of Inclusion and Exclusion
  • 12 April
    Lianne Boer: International law as we know it: cyberwar discourse and the construction of knowledge in international legal scholarship
  • 10 May
    Mike Leach: Understanding the Rule of Law as Object/Subject in Law & Development
  • 24 May
    Miryam Ansari: general overview of the Iran-United States Claims Tribunal
  • 7 June
    Olia Kaneveskaia: Procedural Guarantees in technological standardization: do we need an increased scrutiny of Standards Development Organizations?
  • 13 September
    Laura van Waas
  • 27 September
    Nik Rajkovic: The visual Conquest of International Law: Brute Boundaries, The Map, and the Legacy or Cartogenesis
  • 4 October
    Sofia Stol: A Solemn Tale of Horror: The Opening Statement of the Prosecution in International Criminal Trials
  • 25 October
    Ben Richardson