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Banking and the Globalization of Finance

Call For Papers
26-27 May, 2011

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

A joint conference by De Nederlandsche Bank and the European Banking Center, Tilburg University.

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Cross-border banking is supposed to bring benefits of increased competition, scale economies and diversification. In practice, however, the internationalization of banking also gave rise to the transmission of economic shocks worldwide, and allowed banks to grow very large relative to the size of some economies with concomitant risks to financial stability. This conference aimed to evaluate the current state of cross-border banking following the financial crisis that started in 2007. Before the crisis, a strong trend towards more cross-border banking existed. The global crisis, however, could curb this development as a number of banks are retrenching and seem to curtail their international activities either forced or voluntarily. This conference addresses the questions of how cross-border banking activities affected the global financial system, what went wrong with cross-border banking and what can be done to reach its full potential as part of an efficient global financial system.

A keynote speech has been delivered by Linda Goldberg, New York Fed.

Call for papers
Researchers from universities, international institutions, supervisory authorities and central banks were encouraged to submit empirical and theoretical research papers.

Topics include but were not limited to:
  • The development of cross-border banking in global capital flows
  • The relative merits of banking in channeling international capital flows
  • The performance of domestic and cross-border banks in terms of efficiency and risk
  • Cross-border bank entry, competition and implications for bank customers
  • The asset allocation and activity mix of cross-border banks
  • The funding pattern of cross-border banks
  • Implications of the internationalization of banks for systemic risk
  • The experience of cross-border banks with bank failures and with bank failure resolution
  • Impact of cross-border banks for the availability of credit over the business cycle
  • Transmission of macroeconomic shocks through cross-border banks
  • Optimal arrangements and reform of supervision and failure resolution of cross-border banks
  • Deposit insurance arrangements for cross-border banks
  • Taxation of cross-border banks.

The deadline for submissions was 15 January 2011. Papers should be submitted electronically to along with your affiliation and email address. Acceptance decisions have been made.

Economy class travel and accommodation for invited participants will be covered.

Available papers
  • Philipp Schnabl
    Dissecting the E ect of Credit Supply on Trade: Evidence from Matched Credit-Export Data
  • Tomasz Wieladek
    Financial Protectionism: the First Tests
  • Martin Brown
    Which Households Use Banks? Evidence from the Transition Economies
  • Günseli Tümer-Alkan
    Transmission of Bank Liquidity Shocks in Loan and Deposit Markets: The Role of Interbank Borrowing and Market Monitoring
  • Claudia Buch
    Do banks benefit from internationalization? Revisiting the market power-risk nexus
  • Paul Schure
    A Positive Analysis of Deposit Insurance Provision: Regulatory Competition Among European Union Countries
  • Camelia Minoiu
    A network analysis of global banking: 1978–2009
  • Ata Can Bertay
    Is the Financial Safety Net a Barrier to Cross-Border Banking?
  • Francisco Vazquez
    International Diversification Gains and Home Bias in Banking
  • Mariassunta Giannetti
    The Flight Home Effect: Evidence from the Syndicated Loan Market During Financial Crises
Conference website

Click on the following link for the conference website.


Participation on the conference was limited and therefore to be approved by the organizing committee. Participants could send their request for registration referring to the 'Banking and the Globalization of Finance' conference to along with affiliation and email address.

  • Neeltje van Horen, De Nederlandsche Bank
  • Harry Huizinga, European Banking Center, Tilburg University
Program Committee
Thorsten Beck, EBC, Tilburg University
Allen Berger, University of South Carolina
Arnoud Boot, University of Amsterdam
Claudio Borio, Bank for International Settlements
Elena Carletti, European University Institute
Stijn Claessens, International Monetary Fund
Eduardo Levy Yeyati, Universidad Turcuato Di Tella
Robert Marquez, Boston University
Steven Ongena, EBC, Tilburg University
Maria Soledad Martinez Peria, World Bank

Gregory Udell, Indiana University

When: 26 May 2011 00:00

End date: 27 May 2011 00:00

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