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This is an online platform showcasing history of international law-related events outside Tilburg University. For Tilburg-related news and events, see i-HILT@ Tilburg.


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Call for Papers: Le droit et sa place dans le monde antique (Edinburgh, UK)

From 2-7 September 2019, the University of Edinburg will host the LXXIIIᵉ Session de la Société Internationale Fernand de Visscher pour l’Histoire des Droits de l’Antiquité. Scholars are invited to submit proposals for papers dealing with specific aspects of legal doctrine in the Graeco-Roman world and their reception into subsequent epochs of legal development in Europe and elsewhere. In addition, we also warmly invite scholars to submit proposals for papers on the law of the Graeco-Roman world as a historical and cultural topos and its ideological legacies in subsequent periods of legal thought in Europe and elsewhere. More information can be found here.

Conference: XVIII Giornata gentiliana (San Ginesio, Italy)

On 21 and 22 September, the Centro Internazionale di Studi Gentiliani will organize the 18th Giornata Gentiliana in San Ginesio. This year’s theme revolves around “Alberico Gentili e lo jus post bellum. Prospettive tra diritto e storia”. In his last book, Gentili focussed on post-war legal developments. Which principles, regulations, traditions and historical events have ensured peace in this period? The program can be found here.

Call for Papers: Peace making after the First World War 1919 – 1923 (Kew, UK)

The National Archives, the Foreign & Commonwealth Office Historians, the University of Strathclyde, the International History Department at the London School of Economics and Political Science, and the British International History Group are organising a twoday conference on the peace making process after the First World War on 27-28 June 2019. Researchers are invited to submit proposals for 20-minute papers or panels of three papers on any aspect of the peace making process. Abstracts of up to 300 words and CV’s can be submitted to before 1 december 2018. The full call can be found here.

Call for Engaged Listeners: Politics and the Histories of International Law (Heidelberg)

On 15 and 16 February 2019, an international conference will be held at the Max Planck Institute for International Law in Heidelberg, Germany, under the auspices of the Journal of the History of International Law. Selected scholars will present and discuss their papers in different parallel panels.

The conference will be restricted to panellists and to a limited number of engaged listeners. If you are interested in participating in the audience (not as a speaker) and thus contribute to the discussion, please send an application with a short motivation letter explaining your interest in the conference and current research interests (maximum 400 words) along with your CV to the managing editor of the JHIL at The deadline for applications is 30 September 2018. The full call can be found here.

Call for Papers: British Legal History Conference (St. Andrews)

From 10-13 July 2019, the University of St Andrews will host the 2019 British Legal History Conference, on the theme of Comparative Legal History. Abstracts (max 250) words should be mailed before 15 September 2018. Proposals from historians in all fields of legal history, whether doctrinal or contextual, domestic or transnational, are welcomed. Proposals which inform our understanding of the Common Law through comparison with other legal systems (e.g. civil or canon) as well as geographical comparisons are particularly welcome. The full call can be found here.

Call for Papers: Migrants and Refugees in the Law (Murcia)

From 12-14 December 2018, the University of Murcia will organize a conference on refugees in history and current times. All interested researchers are invited to submit papers related to the human mobility and the reception of refugees according to History of Law, Canon Law, Roman Law, Comparative Law, Philosophy, Theology, History, Sociology, Historiography and any other discipline related to the main theme. Proposals should be submitted before 15 September. More information can be found here.

Call for Papers: The League of Nations and International law, 1919-1945 (Copenhagen)

On 13 and 14 June, 2019, the University of Copenhagen will organize a conference on the history of the Leage of Nations and the ways in which its system influenced the development of international law. The conference is meant to be a first meeting between researchers sharing the agenda outlined in the full call, which can be found here.

The aim is that methodological challenges can be identified and the contextual approach to legal history can be further refined. There will be a follow-up conference by the end of 2020 aimed to prepare the papers for a final publication with a leading international publishing house. We welcome abstracts (in English) of a maximum of 400 words by 1 November 2018. Abstracts should be sent to Associate Professor Morten Rasmussen (University of Copenhagen)

The organization will cover expenses of 2-3 nights of hotel accommodation as well as travel expenses.

Call for Proposals: Sources in Early Modern Economics, Ethics, and Law (Second Series)

CLP Academic is pleased to announce a call for proposals for translations and editions of early modern English religious texts on economics, ethics and law, that are to be included in its Second Series. Because they would like to give the global academic community a voice in deciding which works to translate, they are now launching this open, competitive call for proposals. More information can be found here.

Call for Papers: A Century of Internationalisms: The Promise and Legacies of The League of Nations

On 19 and 20 September 2019, the Institute of Contemporary History (NOVA University of Lisbon), CEI-IUL and CEIS20-UC will organize a conference on the history of intergovernmental organizations. Abstracts for presentations (300 words) and biographical notes (250 words) can be send in English, French or Portuguese to before 31 October 2018. More information can be found here.

Conference: Quellen zur Geschichte der „internationalen“ Beziehungen zwischen politischen Zentren in Europa und der Mittelmeerwelt (ca. 800–1600): Briefe – Urkunden – Verträge

From 4 October until 6 October 2018, the Sächsischen Akademie der Wissenschaften will organize the 15th international congress on Dipomacy in Leipzig. The program can be found here. Please register before 15 September.

Call for Contributions: Roman Yearbook of International Law, Inaugural Issue

The journal RYIL requests interested authors to send in contributions for its first issue. The focus theme will be “The 90th anniversary of the creation of the Vatican City State: an international law perspective”. Please send in submissions before 28 February 2019. The full call can be found here.



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