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This is an online platform showcasing history of international law-related events outside Tilburg University. For Tilburg-related news and events, see i-HILT@ Tilburg.


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Vacancy: History of Public Law (KU Leuven)

At the KU Leuven, a full-time vacancy has come up in the department of Roman Law and Legal History. The focus of the position, which will concern itself with education, research and research support, will be on the History of Public Law. Information can be found on the website or through prof. dr. Bernard Tilleman ( The deadline for applications is 28 March 2019.

Vacancies: PhD positions in Medieval Commerce / Legal History (Ghent University)

Professor Jan Dumolyn is offering 2 PhD positions at the Henri Pirenne Institute for Medieval Studies. One position is part of the project High Tide – Low Tide. Bruges’ late-medieval harbour system as a maritime cultural landscape and will focus on the import of bulk goods in medieval Flanders; the other position is part of the project Litigation strategies and the law of commerce in later medieval Bruges and will focus on commercial law in medieval Bruges. More information can be found here. The deadline for applications is 1 May 2019.

Call for Papers: True Warriors? Negotiating Dissent in the Intellectual Debate (c. 1100-1700) (Leuven)

On 11-13 December 2019, LECTIO will organize its 9th international conference. This year’s theme focusses on polemical strategies and the modes of rivalry and alliance in scholarly debate from the 12th through the 17th centuries. Interested researchers are invited to send in proposals for papers before 15 April 2019. More information can be found here.

Call for Applications: Postdoc and Research Scholarships (Frankfurt)

The Max Planck Institute for European Legal History invites postdoctoral researchers to submit an application for its 2020 Postdoctoral Fellowships, which allow a stay of 3-6 months at the institute. Above all, the goal is to foster connections and networking at the international level, with the eventual aim of contributing to the emergence of a transnational legal scholarship. More information can be found here. Applications should be sent in before 31 May 2019.

Vacancies: PhD and Postdoc positions at the PRIVACY Institute

The Danish National Research Foundation Centre for Privacy Studies (PRIVACY), part of the University of Copenhagen’s Law School, offers three postdoctoral positions (2 years + possible 1 year extension) and three or four PhD positions (3 years) within the fields of Architectural History, Church History, Legal History and History. Candidates are invited to apply before 15 April 2019.

Newsletter: LECTIO Network

As from this month, the Leuven Centre for the Transmission of Texts and Ideas in Antiquity, the Middle Ages and the Renaissance has started releasing a monthly e-newsletter. It aims to foster communication internally and externally about the publications, activities and achievements of researchers in the LECTIO network. It also provides a platform for sharing information about opportunities for awards, scholarships and academic positions. Finally, LECTIO e-News wants to nurture an increasingly large community of scholars in the Low Countries and beyond who are passionate about pre-modern intellectual history and the science of text editing. If you consider submitting a news item about your work or an event organized by your research team, please feel free to contact

Conference: Life & Death (Oudenaarde)

From 31 May – 1 June 2019, the Society for Legal and Institutional History of Flanders, Picardy and Wallonia holds its annual "International days" in Oudenaarde. The general theme of ‘life and death’ incorporates numerous historic and legal aspects. However, the theme does not exclude papers about other subjects regarding legal history or institutional history. Interested researchers are invited to submit proposals for presentations in French, English or Dutch, before 15 April 2019. More information can be found here.

Call for Papers: 22ste Belgisch-Nederlands Rechtshistorisch Colloquium (Liège)

On 14 and 15 June 2019, the Université Liège will host the 22nd version of the Belgian-Dutch Colloquium on Legal History. (Young) researchers are encouraged to present their research and sent in an abstract of 200-500 words to <> before 14 April 2019.

Call for Papers: Le droit et sa place dans le monde antique (Edinburgh, UK)

From 2-7 September 2019, the University of Edinburg will host the LXXIIIᵉ Session de la Société Internationale Fernand de Visscher pour l’Histoire des Droits de l’Antiquité. Scholars are invited to submit proposals for papers dealing with specific aspects of legal doctrine in the Graeco-Roman world and their reception into subsequent epochs of legal development in Europe and elsewhere. In addition, we also warmly invite scholars to submit proposals for papers on the law of the Graeco-Roman world as a historical and cultural topos and its ideological legacies in subsequent periods of legal thought in Europe and elsewhere. More information can be found here.


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