International Victimology Institute Tilburg

INTERVICT promotes and executes interdisciplinary research that can contribute to a comprehensive, evidence-based body of knowledge on the empowerment and support of victims of crime and abuse of power.

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Tilburg Law School and Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences of Tilburg University have launched an international and multidisciplinary research institute for Victimology: The International Victimology Institute Tilburg, abbreviated as INTERVICT.

Victimology, or the academic study of victims and victimization, is a relatively young branch of academic research. Its objective is to gain knowledge on victims of crime, abuse of power, and disasters. Victimologists try to find out the underlying causes and why these people became victims. Other topics include the rights of victims, the psychological effects of victimization, the help provided to victims, and the social reactions to victims. Victimology also studies traffic accident victims, environmental criminality, and compensation for damage.

Commissioned Research

INTERVICT carries out research projects commissioned by third parties. We mention: