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Statelessness Program

The Statelessness Program is an initiative dedicated to research, training and outreach on statelessness and related issues.

Statelessness Program

Statelessness is a global phenomenon that currently affects as many as 12 million people worldwide. New cases continue to arise every day as states struggle with the challenge of ensuring that everyone enjoys a nationality. For those who find themselves stateless, the lack of a nationality commonly obstructs access to a wide range of other rights, to detrimental effect. Moreover, the harsh impact that statelessness has on the lives of individuals and the fabric of communities may contribute to social tension, forced displacement and even conflict.

Newly established Institute on Statelessness and Inclusion

In 2011, the Statelessness Program was established at Tilburg Law School, to conduct research, training and outreach on statelessness and related issues. After three rewarding, enjoyable and successful years building up an international portfolio of work, on the 1st of January 2015, the Statelessness Program ended, to make way for the newly established Institute on Statelessness and Inclusion.