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TiCC Colloquium: Nava Tintarev

What: Supporting user control for diverse item recommendations
Where: CubeZ 214
When: Wednesday, 19 December 2018, 12:45 - 13:45 hours


Recommender systems find relevant content for us online, including the personalized news that we increasingly receive on Twitter and Facebook. As a consequence of personalization we increasingly see content that agrees with our views. However, understanding and finding solutions to complex issues often requires us to view those issues from a variety of perspectives. Echo chambers can become problematic when the similarity of opinion leads to more extreme or polarising views; we only hear those who agree with us, and more extreme positions therefore start to seem more reasonable to us. This talk considers a solution using interaction paradigms, and methods for generating explanation interfaces. Such explanations can be used to improve trust and transparency, but they can also be used to improve the discovery of novel content and help users identify their own blindspots. This talk introduces a vision of information presentation strategies which help users accept surprising content, and present opposing content in a way that is acceptable to them. In doing so, diversity-aware design solutions can address both user and algorithmic biases, and have a greater potential to decrease polarization of views.

About Nava Tintarev


When: 19 December 2018 12:45

End date: 19 December 2018 13:45