The Tilburg Center for Optimization aims to develop new optimization models and methods and to solve practical optimization problems in industry and governmental institutes.

About Us

Ticopt aims to be a center of excellence in the area of applied and theoretical research in optimization, which is a subfield of Operations Research. Optimization plays an important role nowadays, in decision making in industry and governmental institutes, and scientific problems. Since the underlying mathematical concepts are generic, optimization is used nowadays in many areas, ranging from logistics, finance, marketing, and accounting to engineering and medical applications. Ticopt actively seeks for contacts with companies and governmental institutes, since "Optimization" is eminently an applied research field. Working on real-life optimization problems inspires theoretical fundamental research.

Ticopt's research topics cover the broad spectrum of optimization, both combinatorial and continuous optimization.

Ticopt seeks to:

  • Cooperate with companies / government to solve their optimization problems (applied research).
  • Cooperate with researchers in other fields as logistics, marketing, accounting, engineering, healthcare, and medicine to solve their optimization problems.
  • Carry out fundamental research to be able to solve the optimization problems of tomorrow.
  • Valorize the theoretical research findings, by applying them to practical problems.
  • Offer postgraduate optimization courses to disseminate the modern optimization developments.
  • Attract talented researchers for its PhD program and for postdoctoral positions.
  • Invite junior and senior visiting researchers to visit the Tilburg campus and do research, work on papers, or give workshops.
  • Be a center of excellence in optimization.