Tilburg Institute for Family Business

TiFB is a multidisciplinary institute and focuses on the dynamics of family firms with a strong interaction between theory and practice. The activities are separated in teaching, research and executive training.

 Tilburg Institute for Family Business

Education Tilburg Institute for Family Business (TIFB)

The TiFB provides education in the field of family business in the bachelor, master, and post master programs and promotes that students can write their bachelor and/or master thesis about several aspects of the family business.

In the academic year 2016-2017 the course Family Businesses and Succession is introduced and recommended for students in the master programs Company Law, Tax Economics, Tax Law. The course focuses on several aspects of succession like the design of succession, ownership and control, property issues, governance of the firm, and the valuation and financing.

In this academic year several student from the master programs Fiscaal Recht, Finance and Strategic Management write their master thesis about the family business.

The executive programs 'Commissaris in het familiebedrijf' and 'Family Business Management' will be developed in the next months.

Bachelor Theses TIFB

In the spring semester of 2017, Arenda Perbal, Koen Aarns, Laura Hanegraaf, Nick Castelijns and Vincent Nuijts from the BSc Business Economics and International Business Administration have written their thesis in the area of family firms.

Arenda Perbal
Koen Aarns
Laura Hanegraaf
Nick Castelijns
Vincent Nuijts


Master Theses TIFB

In August 2017 Joep Verbaarschot and Kristy Coppens from the MSc Fiscal Economics have written their thesis about respectively business succession and the restructuring of the UBO-register in The Netherlands.

Joep Verbaarschot
Kristy Coppens