Tilburg Institute of Governance

Tilburg Institute of Governance

Interdisciplinary research and teaching at the interface of Public Administration, Economics and Law

Tilburg School of Governance

Tilburg Institute of Governance

Truly multidisciplinary, innovative and operating on the frontier of knowledge. Tilburg Institute of Governance (TIG) is unique. It is not just a research institute or an academic education program. It’s a community of outstanding scholars, students and alumni with an interest in public governance and public sector issues.

As an alliance of the Tilburg School of Economics and Management (TiSEM) and Tilburg Law School (TLS), TIG operates at the interface of the disciplines of Public Administration, Economics and Law. Each discipline offers different insights and tools to deepen our understanding of public governance issues.

To get a taste of how TIG uses an interdisciplinary approach: check out this mini weblecture by Prof. Harald Benink on Italy and the Eurozone:

Alumni and (former) staff members on the Dutch bachelor track, “Bestuurskunde”:


  • 11 Feb 2019News

    Now online: the Tilburg Governance Hub podcast
    The Tilburg Institute of Governance (TIG) has a podcast! The Tilburg Governance Hub is now online. TIG students Daniel Bertram and Peter Hellevang did a great job on this first episode: Private sponsorship- A local solution to a global challenge? Read more

  • 15 Jan 2019Video

    Check out TIG's new knowledge clip: Prof. Stavros Zouridis on Why the Rule of Law has failed in Europe
    What is happening with the rule of law in Europe? Do we witness a decline of the rule of law and if so, what are the root causes of this decline? The growing number of rules and legal checks, as well as the scarcity of resources in the public institutions that should enforce the rule of law, have led to this growing gap between the law in the books and the law as enforced, says Prof. Stavros Zouridis. Read more