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BSc Public Governance

Around the world, governments face pressing transnational societal issues regarding, for example, migration and refugees, human trafficking, organized crime, terrorism, and tax evasion. The Bachelor of Public Governance (BPG) studies the governance of and by public and semi-public institutions and organizations negotiating such challenges. The program offers crucial insight into the theory and practice of the various models of state, state traditions, models of democracy and regulatory regimes, and in transnational multi-stakeholder network governance.

The program adopts an inherently cross-national comparative and interdisciplinary perspective. From the backgrounds of public administration, law and economics, it analyses governance practices across and beyond nation states, with a particular focus on transnational governance challenges and institutions. Subjects include, e.g., transnational criminal networks, the refugee crisis, international tax evasion and the governance of the EU and of the Eurozone.

Website: BSc Public Governance

MSc Public Governance

The public sector worldwide is faced with major strategic challenges that no longer fit within borders and disciplines: unemployment, fiscal fraud, a refugee crisis in the background of an ongoing economic and financial instability.

Often framed as crises, these challenges take place in high pressure settings where divergent interests are constantly colliding; with ever increasing performance standards demanded by citizens and media.

In this master's program students develop the skills necessary to tackle such complex challenges. It prepares them for a leading and strategic position in the public sector all around the world. Built on a governance, legal and economic foundation, students will be trained in building innovative strategies to tackle today's protean problems and are prepared for facing the challenges of tomorrow.

Website: MSc Public Governance

Executive programs

Training course for aldermen, provincial executives and water board district (only in Dutch)