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Discussion Papers TILEC


  • Evidence of Selection in a Mandatory Health Insurance Market with Risk Adjustment
    Authors: Ramsis Croes, Katalin Katona, Misja Mikkers, Victoria Shestalova
    Discussion Paper: 2018-013
  • Data Science for Institutional and Organizational Economics
    Authors: Jens Prüfer, Patricia Prüfer
    Discussion Paper: 2018-011
  • Capital Markets Union: Why ‘Venture Capital’ Is Not the Answer to Europe’s Innovation Challenge
    Authors: Mark Fenwick, Ivona Skultetyova, Erik P.M. Vermeulen
    Discussion Paper: 2018-010 010
  • The Energiewende as a Public Value Challenge for German DSOs
    Author: Marga Edens
    Discussion Paper: 2018-009 
  • Merit Goods
    Authors: Peter Cserne, Maxime Desmarais-Tremblay
    Discussion Paper: 2018-008
  • Perfect and Imperfect Strangers in Social Delemmas
    Authors: Riccardo Ghidoni, Blair Llewellyn Cleave, S. Suetens
    Discussion Paper: 2018-007
  • Institutional Investor Engagement: How to Create a 'Stewardship Culture'
    Authors: Mark Fenwick, Erik P.M. Vermeulen
    Discussion Paper: 2018-006
  • Preventing Anticompetitive Conduct Directly and Indirectly: Accuracy vs. Predictability
    Author: Jan Broulik
    Discussion Paper: 2018-005
  • Validity of Non-Disclosure Agreements in SEP Licensing
    Authors: Vikas Kathuria and Jessica C. Lai
    Discussion Paper: 2018-004
  • GATS Basics - Revisiting Some Basic Notions and Concepts of the General Agreement on Trade in Services
    Author: Panagiotis Delimatsis
    Discussion Paper: 2018-003
  • Cheap Trade Credit and Competition in Downstream Markets
    Authors: Mariassunta Giannetti, Nicolas Serrano-Velarde, and Emanuele Tarantino
    Discussion Paper: 2018-002
  • Electricity Network Codes: Good Governance in a Network of Networks
    Authors: Saskia Lavrijssen, Thomas Kohlbacher
    Discussion Paper: 2018-001

Archive Discussion Papers

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