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Discussion papers TILEC 2003

Title: Roofprijzen, het economische perspectief
Author: Eric van Damme

Title: Corporate monitoring by shareholder coalitions in the UK
Author: Rafel Crespi and Luc Renneboog

Title: European Corporate Governance and Firm Performance: An Empirical Analysis
Author: Abe de Jong, Carles Gispert, Rezaul Kabir and Luc Renneboog

Title: Corporate control concentration measurement and firm performance
Author: Yves Crama, Luc Leruth, Luc Renneboog and Jean-Pierre Urbain

Title: Insider Retention and Long-Run Performance in German and UK IPOs
Author: Marc Goergen and Luc Renneboog

Title: Financing services of general economic interest
Author: Sally Janssen

Title: The Debtor-Oriented Model Versus the Creditor Oriented Model of Corporate Bankruptcy Law: A US-Dutch Comparison
Author: Sefa Franken

Title: The managerial labour market and the governance role of shareholder controle structures in the UK
Author: Luc Renneboog and Grzegorz Trojanowski

Title: The Evolution of Closely Held Business Forms in Europe
Author: Joseph A. McCahery and Erik P.M. Vermeulen

Title: 'Be nice, unless it pays to fight': a new theory of price determination with implications for competition policy
Author: Jan Boone

Title: Optimal Competition: a benchmark for competition policy
Author: Jan Boone

Title: Collusion under Yardstick Competition. An Experimental Study
Author: Jan Potters, Bettina Rockenbach, Abdolkarim Sadrieh and Eric van Damme
Title: Principles of good market governance
Author: Leigh Hancher, Pierre Larouche and Saskia Lavrijssen

Title: Access to Telecommunications Networks
Author: Marcel Canoy, Paul de Bijl and Ron Kemp

Title: De WLL-veiling: simpele regels, onmogelijk spel
Author: Eric van Damme

Title: Tariefregulering: economische principes en economische effecten
Author: Eric van Damme

Title: The Liberalized Dutch Green Electricity Market: lessons from a policy experiment
Author: Eric van Damme and Gijsbert Zwart

Title: James M. Buchanan
Author: Eric van Damme

Title: Auction Theory for Auction Design
Author: Tilman Börgers and Eric van Damme

Title: What went wrong: the European perspective
Author: Pierre Larouche