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Discussion Papers TILEC 2012


DP 2012-044
Title: Delays in Leniency Application: Is there really a race to the enforcer’s door?
Authors:Dennis L. Gärtner, Jun Zhou

DP 2012-043
Title: Power Markets shaped by antitrust
Authors:Malgorzata Sadowska, Bert Willems


DP 2012-042
Title: Institutional Investors, Political Connections and Incidence of Corporate Fraud
Authors:Wenfeng Wu, Sofia A. Johan, Oliver M. Rui

DP 2012-041
Title: Market Power in Bilateral Oligopoly Markets with Nonexpandable Infrastructures
Authors:Yukihiko Funaki, Harold Houba, Evgenia Motchenkova

DP 2012-040
Title: Certification and minimum quality standards when some consumers are uninformed
Authors: Benno Buehler, Florian Schuett

DP 2012-039
Title: Relaxing competition through speculation: Committing to a negative supply slope
Authors: Pär Holmberg, Bert Willems

DP 2012-038
Title: Preventing abuse by controlling shareholders
Author: Eric van Damme

DP 2012-037
Title: The Evolution and Regulation of Venture Capital Funds
Authors: Erik P.M. Vermeulen, Diogo Pereira Dias Nunes


DP 2012-036
Title: Market Dominance and Quality of Search Results in the Search Engine Market
Authors: Ioannis Lianos, Evgenia Motchenkova

DP 2012-035
Title: Are Joint Patents Collusive? Evidence form the US and Europe
Authors: Andrea Fosfuri, Christian Helmers, Catherine Roux

DP 2012-034
Title: A Vision of Global Legal Scholarship
Author: Pierre Larouche

DP 2012-033
Title: Innovation is in the (clean) air - The inclusion of aviation in the EU emissions trading scheme as a driver of innovation in air transport
Author: Antigoni Lykotrafiti


DP 2012-032
Title: The Impact of EU Competition Law on a National Healthcare Systems
Author: Wolf Sauter

DP 2012-031
Title: Mandatory Quality Disclosure and Quality Supply: Evidence from German Hospitals
Authors: Lapo Filistrucchi, Fatih Cemil Ozbugday

DP 2012-030
Title: Patent Trolls and Technology Diffusion
Author: Catherine Tucker


DP 2012-029
Title: Upward Pricing Pressure in Two-Sided Markets
Authors: Pauline Affeldt, Lapo Filistrucchi, Tobias J. Klein

DP 2012-028
Title: Foreign investment insurance and EU law
Author: Angelos Dimopoulos

DP 2012-027
Title: Market Integration and Economic Efficiency at Conflict? Commitments in the Swedish Interconnectors Case
Authors: Malgorzata Sadowka, Bert Willems

DP 2012-026
Title: Invenstors and impostors: an analysis of patent examination with self-selection of firms into R&D
Author: Florian Schuett

DP 2012-025
Title: Of Trips and traps: the interpretative jurisdiction of the Court of Justice of the EU over patent law
Authors: Angelos Dimopoulos, Petroula Vantsiouri


DP 2012-024
Title: The Power of a Bad Example - A Field Experiment in Household Garbage Disposal
Authors: Robert Dur, Ben Vollaard

DP 2012-023
Title: Public Compensation for Services of General Economic Interest: An Analysis of the 2011 European Commission Framework
Author: Damien Geradin

DP 2012-022
Title: Transparency - an essential requirement in medical device regulatory reform
Author: Maria Eva Földes

DP 2012-021
Title: Cleaner Technologies and the Stability of International Environmental Agreements
Authors: Hassan Benchekroun, Amrita Ray Chaudhuri


DP 2012-020
Title: Optimal regulation of lumpy investments
Authors: Peter Broer, Gijsbert Zwart


DP 2012-019
Title: Optimal Pricing and Quality of Academic Journals and the Ambiguous Welfare Effects of Forced Open Access: A Two-Sided Model
Authors: Frank Mueller-Langer, Richard Watt

DP 2012-018
Title: The Commission's new SGEI package: the rules for state aid and the compensatin of services of general interest
Author: Wolf Sauter

DP 2012-017
Title: Legal Emulation between Regulatory Competition and Comparative Law
Author: Pierre Larouche

DP 2012-016
Title: Financial Innovation and Prudential Regulation - The New Basel III Rules
Author: Panos Delimatsis

DP 2012-015
Title: Network neutrality and internal market fragmentation
Author: Jasper Sluijs

DP 2012-014
Title: Collusion and the political differentiation of newspapers
Authors: Marco Antonielli, Lapo Filistrucchi

DP 2012-013
Title: Consumer Perception of Deposit Insurance: Little Awareness, Limited Effectiveness?
Authors: Michiel Bijlsma, Karen van der Wiel


DP 2012-012
Title: This won't hurt a bit: the Commission's approach to services of general economic interest and state aid to hospitals
Authors: Leigh Hancher, Wolf Sauter

DP 2012-011
Title: Business Associations and Private Ordering
Author: Jens Prüfer


DP 2012-010
Title: Rethinking Conditionality: Turkey's EU Accession and the Kurdish Question
Authors: Firat Cengiz, Lars Hoffmann

DP 2012-009
Title: Endogenous Lysine Strategy Profile and Cartel Duration: An Instrumental Variables Approach
Author: Jun Zhou

DP 2012-008
Title: Identifying Two-Sided Markets
Authors: Lapo Filistrucchi, Damien Geradin, Eric van Damme

DP 2012-007
Title: State aid and selectivity in the context of emissions trading: an examination of the ECJ’s 2011 NOx Case (C-279/08)
Authors: Wolf Sauter, Hans Vedder

DP 2012-006
Title: Transparency in the WTO Decision-Making
Author: Panagiotis Delimatsis

DP 2012-005
Title: GATS and Public Health Care: An Uneasy Relationship
Author: Panagiotis Delimatsis


DP 2012-004
Title: Bertrand competition with an asymmetric no-discrimination constraint
Authors: Jan Bouckaert, Hans Degryse, Theon Van Dijk

DP 2012-003
Title: Competition for traders and risk
Authors: Michiel Bijlsma, Jan Boone, Gijsbert Zwart

DP 2012-002
Title: Private labels (Own Brands) in the Grocery Sector: Competition Concerns and Treatment in EU Competition Law
Author: Victoria Daskalova

DP 2012-001
Title: Internalization, Clearing and Settlement, and Liquidity
Authors: Hans Degryse, Mark Van Achter, Gunther Wuyts