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Discussion papers 2014 Tilbug Law and Economics Center (TILEC)


  • Injunctive Relief in Disputes Related to Standard-Essential Patents: Time for the CJEU to Set Fair and Reasonable Presumptions

    Authors: Pierre Larouche and Nicolo Zingales
    Discussion paper 2014-048
  • Penalizing Cartels: The Case for Basing Penalties on Price Overcharge

    Author: Yannis Katsoulacos, Evgenia Motchenkova and David Ulph
    Discussion paper 2014-037
  • Stability in a Network Economy: The Role of Institutions

    Author: Robert P. Gilles, Emiliya A. Lazarova and Pieter H.M. Ruys
    Discussion paper 2014-036
  • Soft Law in EU Competition Law and its Judicial Reception in Member States – a Theoretical Perspective

    Author: Zlatina Georgieva
    Discussion paper 2014-035
  • Basic versus supplementary health insurance: moral hazard and adverse selection

    Author: Jan Boone
    Discussion paper 2014-034
  • Financial Stability and Interacting Networks of Financial Institutions and Market Infrastructures

    Author: Carlos León , Ron Berndsen and Luc Renneboog
    Discussion paper 2014-033
  • The role of the highest administrative court and the protection of the interests of the energy consumers in the Netherlands

    Author: Prof. dr. S. Lavrijssen, Mrs. J. Eijkens, Mrs. M. Rijkers
    Discussion paper 2014-032
  • 'Relevant International Standards' and 'Recognized Standardization Bodies' under the TBT Agreement

    Author:  Panagiotis Delimatsis
    Discussion paper 2014-031

  • Economic Insights in Adjudication of Hard Cases: Unclear Rule

    Author: Jan Broulik
    Discussion paper 2014-023
  • Public services and the internal market: building blocks or persistent irritant?

    Author: Wolf Sauter

    Discussion paper 2014-022

  • Corporate Finance and Governance Implications from the Removal of Government Support Programs

    Authors: Martin Jacob, Sofia Johan, Denis Schweizer and Feng Zhan
    Discussion paper 2014-021
  • Regulating and supervising of wholesale energy markets. What’s in it for the consumers?

    Authors: Irina Bordei and Saskia Lavrijssen
    Discussion paper 2014-020

  • Same Rules, Different Enforcement: Market Abuse in Europe

    Authors: Douglas Cumming, Alexander Peter Groh and Sofia Johan
    Discussion paper 2014-019
  • Speaking of Corporate Social Responsibility

    Authors: Hao Liang, Christopher Marquis, Luc Renneboog and Sunny Li Sun
    Discussion paper 2014-018
  • Public-Private Partnerships: Risk Allocation and Value for Money

    Authors: Joaquim Miranda Sarmento and Luc Renneboog
    Discussion paper 2014-017
  • Reporting Bias in Private Equity: Reporting Frequency, Endowments and Governance

    Authors: Sofia Johan and Minjie Zhang
    Discussion paper 2014-016
  • The criterion of advantage in state aid: Altmark and services of general economic interest

    Author: Wolf Sauter
    Discussion paper 2014-015
  • Prescribing behavior of General Practitioners: competition matters!

    Author: Catherine Schaumans
    Discussion paper 2014-014
  • The Dynamics of Mergers among (Ex)Co-Conspirators in the Shadow of Cartel Enforcement

    Authors: Leslie M. Marx, Jun Zhou
    Discussion paper 2014-013
  • Measuring too-big-to-fail funding advantages from small banks’ CDS spreads

    Authors: Michiel Bijlsma, Jasper Lukkezen, Kristina Marinova
    Discussion paper 2014-012
  • Debtor Rights, Credit Supply, and Innovation

    Authors: Geraldo Cerqueiro, Deepak Hegde, María Fabiana Penas, Robert C. Seamans
    Discussion paper 2014-011
  • There Is Something Special about Large Investors:Evidence from a Survey of Private Equity Limited Partners

    Authors: Marco DaRin and Ludovic Phalippou
    Discussion paper 2014-010

  • Intimations of Global Anti-Bribery Regime and the Effectiveness of Extraterritorial Enforcement: From Free-Riders to Protectionism?

    Author: Branislav Hock
    Discussion paper 2014-009
  • The Governance of Publicly Traded Limited Liability Companies

    Author: Suren Gomtsian
    Discussion paper 2014-008
  • Moving Away from High-Level Theories: A Market-Driven Analysis of FRAND in the Context of Standardization

    Author: Damien Geradin
    Discussion paper 2014-007
  • The Portuguese Experience with Public-Private Partnerships

    Authors: Joaquim Miranda Sarmento and Luc Renneboog
    Discussion paper 2014-006
  • Are female top managers really paid less?

    Authors: Philipp Geiler and Luc Renneboog
    Discussion Paper 2014-005
  • Facilitating consumer learning in insurance markets - What are the welfare effects?

    Authors: Johan N.M. Lagerlöf, Christoph Schottmüller
    iscussion Paper 2014-004
  • Monopoly insurance with endogenous information

    Authors: Johan N.M. Lagerlöf, Christoph Schottmüller
    iscussion Paper 2014-003
  • The role of legal principles in the conomics analysis of competion policy

    Authors: Harold Houba, Evgenia Motchenkova and Quan Wen
    Discussion paper 2014-002
  • Acquisitions by Multinationals and Trade Liberalization

    Author: Amrita Ray Chaudhuri
    Discussion paper 2014-001