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Discussion papers 2016 Tilburg Law and Economics Center (TILEC)


  • The Judicial Reception of Competition Soft Law in France and Germany

    Author: Zlatina Georgieva
    Discussion paper 2016-037
  • Screening for Patent Quality: Examination, Fees, and the Courts

    Authors: Mark A. Schankerman, Florian Schuett
    Discussion paper 2016-036
  • Co-Investments of Sovereign Wealth Funds in Private Equity

    Authors: Joseph A. McCahery, F. Alexander de Roode
    Discussion paper 2016-035
  • The Opinion of AG wahl in Intel: Bringing Coherence and Wisdom into the CJEU’s Pricing Abuses Case-Law

    Author: Damien Geradin
    Discussion paper 2016-034

  • Arbitrability of EU Competition Law-Based Claims: where do we stand after the CDC Hydrogen Peroxide Case?

    Authors: Damien Geradin, Emilio Villano
    Discussion paper 2016-033

  • The Changing World of the DSO in a Smart Energy System Environment: Key Issues and Policy Recommendations

    Authors: Saskia Lavrijssen, Anna Marhold, Ana Trias
    Discussion paper 2016-032

  • The IEEE-SA Patent Policy Update under the Lens of EU Competition

    Authors: Olia Kanevskaia, Nicolo Zingales
    Discussion paper 2016-031
  • An Informational Theory of Privacy

    Author: Ole Jann, Christoph Schottmüller.
    Discussion paper 2016-030

  • Public Policy and Breach of Competition Law in International Arbitration: A Competition Law Practitioner’s Viewpoint

    Author: Damien Geradin
    Discussion paper 2016-029
  • FRAND Arbitration: The Determination of Fair, Reasonable and Non-Discriminatory Rates for SFPs by Arbitral Tribunals

    Author: Damien Geradin
    Discussion paper 2016-028

  • The Power of Arbitral Tribunals to Raise Public Policy Rules Ex Officio: The Case of EU Competition Law

    Author: Damien Geradin
    Discussion paper 2016-027

  • Corporate Disruption: The Law and Design of Organizations in the 21st Centrury

    Authors: J. William Callison, Mark Fenwick, Joseph A. McCahery, Erik Vermeulen
    Discussion paper 2016-026

  • Intelligent Cars Inc. – Governance Principles to Build a Disruptive Company

    Authors: Mark Fenwick, Masato Hisatake, Erik Vermeulen
    Discussion paper 2016-025

  • Regulation Tomorrow: What Happens when Technology is Faster than the Law?

    Authors: Mark Fenwick, Wulf A. Kaal, Erik Vermeulen
    Discussion paper 2016-024

  • Seven ‘Corporate Venturing’ Strategies to Foster Innovation (and Create an Environment for Long-Term Growth)

    Authors: Mark Fenwick, Erik Vermeulen
    Discussion paper 2016-023

  • Subsidy regulation in WTO Law: some implications for fossil fuels and renewable energy

    Author: Anna Marhold
    Discussion paper 2016-022
  • Cost-sharing and drug pricing strategies: introducing tiered co-payments in reference price markets

    Author: Annika Herr, Moritz Suppliet
    Discussion paper 2016-021
  • TTIP, CETA, TiSA Behind Closed Doors: Transparency in the EU Trade Policy

    Author: Panagiotis Delimatsis
    Discussion paper 2016-020
  • Understanding Bank payouts during the Crisis of 2007-2009

    Author: Peter Cziraki
    Discussion paper 2016-019
  • Safeguards for Consumers in the Energy Transition

    Author: Saskia Lavrijssen
    Discussion paper 2016-018
  • The Consistency Requirement in EU Internal Market Law: Last Refuge of the Unimaginative or Legal Standard for Rational Administration?

    Author: Wolf Sauter
    Discussion paper 2016-017
  • Technology Standard-Setting Under the Lens of Global Administrative Law: Accountability, Participation and Transparency of Standard-Setting Organizations

    Author: Olia Kanevskaia

    Discussion paper 2016-016

  • User-Centered Innovation and Regulatory Framework: Energy Prosumers’ Market Access in EU Regulation

    Author: Anna Butenko

    Discussion paper 2016-015

  • WTO Law and Economics and Restrictive Practices in Energy Trade: The Case of the OPEC Cartel

    Author: Anna Marhold
    Discussion paper 2016-014
  • Negotiating Services Liberalization within TTIP – The EU External Trade Policy at Crossroads

    Author: Panagiotis Delimatsis
    Discussion paper 2016-013
  • Accountable, Not Liable: Injunctions Against Intermediaries

    Author: Martin Husovec
    Discussion paper 2016-012
  • Competition in Retail Electricity Markets: an Assessment of Ten Year Dutch Experience

    Authors: Machiel Mulder, Bert Willems
    Discussion paper 2016-011
  • Repeated interaction in Standard Setting

    Authors: Pierre Larouche, Florian Schuett
    Discussion paper 2016-010

  • What Do the Decisions of the European Court of Human Rights Tell About Property Rights Across Europe?

    Author: David Gomtsyan, Suren Gomtsyan
    Discussion paper 2016-009
  • Regulatory Holidays and Optimal Network Expansion

    Authors: Bert Willems, Gijsbert Zwart
    Discussion paper 2016-008
  • Too good to be truthful: Why competent advisers are fired

    Author: Christoph Schottmüller
    Discussion paper 2016-007