Tilburg Law and Economics Center

TILEC supports and stimulates academic research on the governance of economic activity. It fosters academically path breaking and practically relevant research and aims to be a leading center worldwide.

TILEC NZa Research Group

The NZa (Dutch Healthcare Authority) and TILEC have engaged in a far-reaching cooperation. Part of this cooperation is that TILEC has committed itself to a number of activities in the mutual interest of TILEC and NZa, while the NZa has provided funding for those activities. The activities include:

  • Research on policy relevant topics in health care
  • Courses on the economics of health care by senior TILEC researchers
  • Engagement of senior TILEC members in the public debate
  • Cooperation of TILEC staff with other University of Tilburg staff on health
  • Linking the law and economics of health

With this cooperation the University of Tilburg has established itself as a major player in the economics and law of health care in the Netherlands.
The Netherlands is a promising country for health care research, given its new health care system based on a combination of solidarity and managed competition.