The Tilburg Center for Logic, Ethics, and Philosophy of Science studies knowledge, reasoning, and value in all their forms.

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Research Seminar in Ethics

The Research Seminar in Ethics is a forum for all those who have research interests in ethics and social philosophy. The seminars can be taken for credit by research master students.

Upcoming seminars

Thursday, 13 September, 12:45-14:00

Room: D 119

Speaker: Catherine Robb (University of Hull)

Thursday, 27 September, 12:45-14:00

Room: D119

Speaker: Alfred Archer & Amanda Cawston (TiLPS)

Celebrity, Democracy, and Epistemic Power ‒ What, if anything, is problematic about celebrity involvement in democratic politics? While a number of theorists have explored the connection between celebrity and power (Marshall, 1997), so far none of these theorists have examined this issue using the tools of social epistemology, the study of the effects of social interactions, practices and institutions on knowledge and belief acquisition. This paper will adopt a novel approach to the investigation of this issue by utilizing resources in social epistemology to develop a critique of celebrity involvement in democratic politics. We will argue that celebrity brings with it an important and underexplored form of power, namely epistemic power. We will then argue that recognizing the link between celebrity and this form of power brings with it new resources for identifying problems with celebrity involvement in democratic politics.

Thursday, 11 October, 12:45-14:00

Room: D119

Speaker: t.b.a.

Thursday, 25 October, 16:45-18:00

Room: D119

Speaker: Dorota Mokrosinska (Leiden University)

Thursday, 8 November, 12:45-14:00

Room: D119

Speaker: Willem van der Deijl (Erasmus University Rotterdam)

Thursday, 22 November, 12:45-14:00

Room: D119

Speaker: Per-Erik Milam (University of Twente)

Thursday, 29 November, 12:45-14:00

Room: D119

Speaker: Caroline Harnacke (TiLPS)

Past Seminars