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Placement Record TiLPS

Sean Gould

foto Sean Gould

Sean Gould obtained a PhD at TiLPS in 2013 for a thesis on virtue ethics and mind/environment coupled systems. He currently lives in McCall, Idaho USA where he is a snowboard/ski instructor in the winter. In the summer he rock climbs and works odd jobs. He is on the board of trustees for the local library, is a member or his city's Environmental Advisory Committee, and is a member of a State supervised Water Quality Council. Sean is also a political advocate for wilderness areas, wolves, and other wildlife in his region.

Dominik Klein

foto Dominik Klein

Dominik Klein obtained his PhD at TiLPS in 2015 (cum laude). In his thesis 'Social interaction - a formal exploration', he explored the application of formal modelling tools such as logic, probability theory or computer simulations to various problems in epistemology and political philosophy. Since 2015, he is a postdoctoral researcher in the Philosophy and Economics Program at the University of Bayreuth and the Political Science Department in Bamberg, Germany.

Kristina Liefke

foto Kristina Liefke

Kristina Liefke obtained her PhD at TiLPS in 2014. Her dissertation discusses the type-theoretic foundations of formal natural language semantics -- in particular, the possibility of modeling a standard fragment of English through the use of a single type of semantic primitive. After her PhD, Kristina held a Postdoctoral Fellowship at the Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy (MCMP) at LMU Munich. Since 2015, she is PI of the MCMP-based project "Unity and Unification in Intensional Semantics", which is funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG). The project involves collaborations with Stanford University and Ochanomizu University (Tokyo).

Chiara Lisciandra

Chiara Lisciandra received her PhD from Tilburg University in 2013. Her PhD thesis was a philosophical enquiry into the origin and the evolution of norms in society. After her stay at Tilburg, Chiara spent one year as a research fellow at the Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy, Munich University. Afterwards, she obtained a postdoctoral research position at TINT, Finnish Centre of Excellence in the Philosophy of the Social Sciences, University of Helsinki. Now she is an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at the University of Groningen, Faculty of Economics and Business. Her primary research interests are in general philosophy of science and in philosophy of the social sciences, with side interests in social epistemology and philosophy of economics.

Carlo Martini

foto Carlo Martini

Carlo Martini obtained his Ph.D. at TiLPS in 2011. His Ph.D. thesis was on disagreement and the formation of consensus in small groups like policy-making and scientific committees. After his Ph.D. he taught at the University of Bayreuth, before starting a research postdoc at the Academy of Finland Centre of Excellence in the Philosophy of the Social Sciences. Carlo has recently coedited, with Marcel Boumans, and contributed for, the volume Experts and Consensus in Social Science (Springer, 2014). He has also recently been awarded a grant of 50.000 euros by the Finnish Cultural Foundation to organize a series of workshops on the theme: The trinity of policy-making: evidence, causation and argumentation. At the moment he works on the contribution of experts' subjective judgment to scientific consensus and policy-making decisions; he is interested in how to provide an account for the presence of subjectivity in a theory of evidence, and how to improve subjective judgments in the context of science and policy making.

Soroush Rafiee Rad


Soroush Rafiee Rad obtained his PhD in Mathematical Logic at the University of Manchester in 2009 with a thesis on inductive logic and probabilistic reasoning and finished a PhD in Philosophy at TiLPS in 2014. His thesis consisted of essays on Mathematical Philosophy and were mainly focused on the dynamics of information change. After his PhD, he assumed a postdoctoral position at the Institute for Logic, Language and Computation at the University of Amsterdam under the direction of Dr. Sonja Smets.

Stefan Wintein

foto Stefan Wintein

Stefan Wintein obtained his PhD at TiLPS in 2012 (cum laude).  In his PhD thesis he developed and motivated various logics for a language with a (self-referential) truth predicate. After obtaining his PhD he taught mathematics and statistics at De Haagse Hogeschool. Since 2013 he is a Postdoctoral researcher at the Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR), involved in F.A. Muller’s Vici winning project The Structure of Reality and the Reality of Structure