Tilburg Institute for Law, Technology, and Society (TILT)


The conference will be held at Tilburg University on 25 and 26 April 2013.

TILTing Perspectives - 25 April 2013
Time Location Thursday 25 April
08:00 Central Hall Auditorium Coffee & Registration
09:00 Auditorium Welcome: Corien Prins & Ronald Leenes
09:30 Auditorium Keynote 1: Karen Yeung
Can we Employ Technological Protection Measures While Avoiding Brave New World
10:30 Central Hall Auditorium Coffee
Parallel Session 1: Technology Regulation Parallel Session 1: Innovation and Trust
Pierre Larouche: Cloud Computing in the EU policy Sphere Esther Keymolen: Trust and technology in collaborative consumption. Why it is not just about you and me
Johan Söderberg: User-led development of legal highs – Legal definitions in a time of open innovation
Hans Ebbers, Huub Schellekens, Bert Leufkens and Toine Pieters: The challenge of regulating biological: the PRCA controversy and the creation of the European biosimilar regulatory framework Anton Vedder: Will innovative technology save the health care system?
Federica Lucivero and Lucie Dalibert Should I trust my gut feelings or keep them at a distance? A prospective analysis of point-of-care diagnostics practices
12:30 Central Hall Auditorium Lunch
13:30 Parallel Session 2: Technological Challenges Parallel Session 2: Regulating the Market
Maurice Schellekens: Robot.txt: balancing interests of content producers and content users Cédric Argenton and Jens Prüfer: Search engine competition with network externalities
Robin Hoenkamp, Adrienne de Moor – van Vugt and George Huitema: Law in relation to technical standards - Safeguarding societal interests in smart grids Florian Schuett: Certification and minimum quality standards when some consumers are uninformed
Floor Fleurke: Climate change, climate engineering and precaution Lapo Filistruchi: Mandatory quality disclosure and quality supply: evidence from German hospitals
15:30 Central Hall Auditorium Coffee
16:00 Auditorium Key note 2: Dan Burk
17:00 Bridging the Distance Between Real and Ideal: Copyricht and the New Materialism
End of scientific programme day 1
17:30 Faculty Club Conference Dinner
TILTing Perspectives - 26 April 2013
Time Location Friday 26 April
09:30 D building Central Hall Coffee
10:00 DZ Keynote 3: Ian Walden: The long arm of law enforcement: Accessing data in the cloud
11:00 D building Central Hall Coffee
11:30 Parallel Session 3: Rules Parallel Session 3: Privacy and Data Protection
Lyria Bennett Moses Bridging distances in approach: Sharing ideas about technology regulation Paulan Korenhof Seconds of distance
Michael Anthony C. Dizon Rules of a networked society: Here, there and everywhere Gergely Alpar and Bart Jacobs Credential design in attribute-based identity management
Gregory Mandel and Gary Marchant Evolving tehnology regulation: governance at a distance
Eleni Kosta and Ronald Leenes Regulating the cookie monster
13:00 D building Central Hall Lunch
14:00 Parallel Session 4: Robots and Society Parallel Session 4
Mark Coeckelbergh Too close to kill, too far to talk: interpretation and narrative in drone fighting and surveillance in public spaces
Andreas Matthias Robots deceiving humans: When is deception morally permissible?
Ronald Leenes: The robot will see you now: How will data crunchers and AI affect human values?
16:00 Auditorium Central Hall Closing drinks

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