Tilburg Institute for Law, Technology, and Society (TILT)

TILT studies emerging technologies and their impact on the individual and society, recognizing the interplay between technology, regulation and fundamental values & human rights.

Directions to Tilburg

From the airport by train to Tilburg

The following travel directions will help you travel from either Schiphol or Eindhoven airport to Tilburg. Please note that there are two train stations in Tilburg: Tilburg Central and Tilburg University. The city center and most hotels are located close to Tilburg Central station, but the University campus and conference activities are mostly easily reached via Tilburg University station. Note that not all trains stop at the Tilburg University station.

Please bear in mind that the train tickets have an electronic chip which you must activate by scanning in and out (called “checking in” and “checking out”) at the stations where you depart and arrive, much like how an oyster card works in London. This can be purchased at the ticket counter! It is also possible to buy your train ticket online. If you prefer to do so, please visit www.ns.nl/en and choose the ticket that you will need. If you purchase your ticket online you do not need to scan in and out of the stations.

Travel directions from Schiphol to Tilburg

When arriving at Schiphol Airport, after having claimed your baggage and cleared customs, go to the Central Hall (this is just outside the main arrival areas - follow the signs "to trains"). Here you will find ticket counters for the trains. They are clearly marked. Purchase a ticket. Your destination will be either Tilburg University or Tilburg Central Station.

From the ticket counter, proceed to the train departure area (underground - follow the signs "to trains"). The trains leave from platform 1-2; in the Main Hall you will also find an electronic board giving an overview of all trains leaving in the next few hours. Above each platform is an electronic board, which lists the destination of the train and all places in between where it stops. Please check this board before boarding the train!

Take the train that will stop at ‘s – Hertogenbosch (it’s final destination will most likely be Heerlen). There, transfer to platform 7A and take the train to either Tilburg University station or Tilburg Central station. This train will leave four times every hour.

Note: The city of 's-Hertogenbosch is also known as Den Bosch.

Traveling time

From Schiphol to Tilburg Central Station - 1 hr 30 mins;

Costs of a ticket

Single 2nd class - about €20,00


1 (at Den Bosch (also called ‘s Hertogenbosch))


Trains depart from Schiphol every 1/2 hour, at 15 minutes over the hours and 45 minutes over the hour.

At Schiphol go to platform 1-2, take the train going in the direction of Heerlen. Change at Den Bosch for the train to Tilburg (final destination either Roosendaal or Breda). Get out at either Tilburg Central station or Tilburg University station.

Travel directions from Eindhoven Airport to Tilburg

When arriving at Eindhoven Airport, after having claimed your baggage and cleared customs, take either bus 400 or 401 in the direction of Eindhoven Station. Since Eindhoven airport is rather small, finding the bus stop is not difficult. It is outside of the terminal. The bus trip will take you approximately 20 minutes.

Purchase a ticket for the bus; a one way ticket will be €3,50. You can buy these at the ticket machines inside the airport or in the bus itself (but the bus driver will only take cash).

Please keep in mind that bus 400 is a direct shuttle bus to Eindhoven station. Bus 401 will make several stops along the way, so make sure to exit at the right stop.

When you arrive at Eindhoven Station, take the train heading in the direction of Den Haag Centraal. Exit the train at Tilburg Central Station, (transfer to a second train headed towards Tilburg University if necessary). The train from Eindhoven will leave from platform 6. This train will leave twice every hour (on the hour and at half past).

Travelling time

From Eindhoven Airport to Tilburg Central Station: - 50 mins.

Costs of a ticket

Single 2nd class: approximately 10 euros.


1 stopover at Eindhoven Station.


Trains depart from Eindhoven station twice every hour. Bus 400 will leave four times every hour, bus 401 will leave six times every hour.

At Eindhoven Airport, take bus 401 to Eindhoven Station. Make sure to exit at Eindhoven Station, as this bus has more stops along the way. Change at Eindhoven station to the train leaving for Den Haag Centraal at platform 6. Exit at Tilburg Central station, and if necessary transfer to a train headed toward Tilburg University station. 

Station Tilburg Universiteit or Station Tilburg

Station Tilburg Universiteit is located at a five minutes’ walk from campus. This is where you want to go.  It is a tiny station that is frequently served by trains that run between Tilburg Station and Breda Station.  Station Tilburg (no Central in it) is the city’s main train station and served by many trains coming from all over the country. Most likely you need to change trains here to Tilburg Universiteit Station. The ride is only four minutes. If you buy your train ticket, make sure the end destination is Tilburg Universiteit.

Arriving on campus by train

Coming from Station Tilburg Universiteit, you have to walk some 500 meters. Get out at the right side (that is track 1) and walk to the right. Find the small alley and turn left. Just ask for directions, or follow fellow passengers. After 200 meters or so, you will see some tall buildings. You are approaching the campus.  Walk towards the (car-free) pedestrians’ Avenue with the tall lamp posts that runs through it and in the direction of the tallest building (that is K). You pass the buildings A (Academia) and M (Montesquieu) and S (Simon; under construction). Then you cross the road at the pedestrian crossing and the next building on your left hand side is D (Dante) Building. This is the conference location.

By Car

Arriving by car at the campus

Your destination is Warandelaan 2, Tilburg. Park your car at the large parking lot. You know this is the right car park if there are a lot of trees at one side, and buildings at the other.

You take the (car-free) pedestrians’Avenue with the tall lamp posts that runs  through the campus and you will pass a number of University buildings, including the Library and the Restaurant. Just before the pedestrian crossing you will find building D (Dante) on your right hand side. The registration desk is in the foyer and well indicated.

From your hotel to the campus

From your hotel Auberge du Bonheur to campus

If you are staying in Auberge du Bonheur, you follow the public road, the Warandelaan, down to the campus. It is just a couple of minutes. The Faculty Club is to the left. The campus is to the right. You walk across the large parking lot.

You take the (car-free) pedestrians’Avenue with the tall lamp posts that runs through the campus and you will pass a number of University buildings, including the Library and the Restaurant. Just before the pedestrian crossing you will find building D (Dante) on your right hand side. The registration desk is in the foyer and well indicated.

From the hotels Mercure & City Hotel in the city center to campus

Tilburg’s center is 4 km from campus. You can walk from the center to the campus in about 50 minutes. Most people use public transport however. Mind you that ‘door to door’ transport by train or bus easily takes up to 35 minutes. 

You can take the train from Station Tilburg to Station Tilburg University. The ride is only 4 minutes but you’ll need a ticket (most stations have gates that you need to unlock with your ticket). You can also take buses. Buses run more frequently than the trains and will drop you off closer to the campus. From Tilburg train station – which is a five minutes’ walk from the city center –  take bus number 4. Get off at bus stop 'Universiteit van Tilburg'. You can also take bus number 2, 4 or 131 to bus stop 'Conservatoriumlaan': from there on you need to walk some 400 meters along the Professor Cobbenhagenlaan. All bus stops are indicated electronically in the bus. Pay the driver on the spot. Use Google Maps: just type in ‘Warandelaan 2, Tilburg’ as destination, select route and Google provides you with a list of transport options and very accurate times.