Research Social and Behavioral Sciences

Holland Fuse Conference

Second Conference on Knowledge Exchange in Public Health:
How to get practice into science?
22-23 April 2013
Hotel/Conference Center Leeuwenhorst - Noordwijkerhout
The aim in this conference
To explore the approaches, opportunities, and challenges involved in the use and sharing of knowledge and evidence across professionals, researchers and policymakers in the public health and wellbeing community.
Conference theme: How to get practice into science?
The practice of professionals and policymakers in public health is not easily supported by scientific results or knowledge. Usually, scientific reports and publications are used to transfer scientific knowledge in a one direction to stakeholders in society. So far, everyday practice in public health has shown little sign of taking up such scientific evidence. Is it possible to turn this around? During the Holland Fuse Conference we will explore new forms of knowledge sharing that promote a more interactive way of evidence building. Can we find ways to add more practical value to scientific research, ways that incorporate active collaboration from both practice and science, such as co-creation?
Target group

Those working in health, local authority, voluntary organizations and academics from across the health and wellbeing community: population health, health promotion, epidemiology, nutrition and health sciences, infectious diseases, primary health care, youth health care and communication sciences.

Hotel Leeuwenhorst, Noordwijkerhout, The Netherlands
The Holland Fuse Conference is hosted by Tranzo, Tilburg University's scientific center for care and welfare. Tranzo focuses on the interaction between three parties: researchers, health care / welfare professionals (such as care providers and policy staff) and those for whom we do it all, the public, the patient, or to put it in more general terms, the demand side. This conference is organized in close collaboration with Fuse, the Centre for Translational Research in Public Health (Newcastle University, UK), ZonMw, TNO and RIVM.