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The Tilburg Sustainability Center provides research based support to companies, governments and organizations in their quest for sustainable development.

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Events 2017

  • 15 May (Academic seminar), 12.00-13.00, room K 405
    Resource-richness and Economic Growth in Contemporary U.S. - Richard Jaimes
    Going Green for Esteem: An Extended Uzawa-Lucas Model with Status Driven Environmentalism - Sophie Zhou

  • 20 March (Acedemic seminar)

    Residential Energy Efficiency - Dirk Brounen and Santiago Bohorquez Correa

  • 6 March (Academic seminar)
    Towards a Regulatory Framework for Climate Smart Agriculture - Jonathan Verschuuren

Events 2016

  • 21 November (Academic seminar)

    Can Incentive-Compatible Value Elicitation Methods Help Design PES Schemes? Evidence from Lab and Field (by Daan van Soest) And Sophie Zhou

  • 15 November, 19.30-21.00, room DZ1: Warande Lecture
    Louise Vet (professor of Evolutionary Ecology at Wageningen University and director of the Netherlands Institute of Ecology)  - Naar een beter voedselsysteem
  • 17 May (Academic seminar)
    The Optimal Tax on Polluting Energy under Credit Market Imperfection (by Mahsa Jahan Dideh).
    Resource Extraction in an Interconnected World (by Malik Çürük)

  • 10 May (Academic seminar)
    Solar Climate Engineering and Intellectual Property: Toward a Research Commons (by Jesse Reynolds)
    Biofuel Mandates & the Green Paradox (by Samuel Okullo)
  • 24 February (Academic seminar)
    Laggard Sectors and Green Growth (by Claudio Baccianti Directed Technical Change Economic Growth Effects of Environmental Policy (by Peter K. Kruse-Andersen)

Events 2015

  • 3 December: D-Day for the Climate
    A discussion meeting presenting the facts and figures and assessing the future of the planet because of the convention in Paris.  Between 30 November and 11 December representatives of more than 190 countries convened in Paris to protect the climate. The meeting was hosted by professor Aart de Zeeuw and professors Jonathan Verschuuren and Reyer Gerlagh presented the facts and figures.
  • 4 November: Warande Lecture
    Hans Biemans (Head Sustainability at Rabobank Markets) – Nieuwe financierings- vormen voor duurzame maatschappelijke ontwikkeling
  • 22 October (Academic seminar)
    Dynamic Emission Tax Competition and the Green Paradox (by Gilbert Kollenbach)
    Deep Habits and the Behavioral Lock in of Polluting Technology (by Sophie Lian Zhou)
  • June 22 (Academic seminar)
    International Environmental Law: The Challenge of Resilience (by Jaye Ellis)
  • 11 May (Academic seminar)
    Capitalization of Energy Efficiency in the Housing Market (by Erdal Aydin)
    The Interaction of Energy-Saving and Knowledge-Based Capital Accumulation (by Claudio Baccianti)

Events 2014

  • 8 December (Academic seminar
    Dynamic Resource Management Under Weak Property Rights: A Tale of Thieves and Trespassers (by Mauricio Rodriguez Acosta)
    Whither Hotelling: finding evidence for the Hotelling rule in US oil prices (by Samuel Okullo)
  • 30 October (Academic seminar)
    Evolutionary Dynamics of Sustainable Lifestyles (by Paolo Zeppini)
  • 29 September (Academic seminar)
    Sustainable Supply Management and Decision Processes (by Mieneke Koster)
    Foundations of Corporate Social Responsibility (by Hao Liang)
  • 18 June (Academic seminar)
    Environmental Policy for the Anthropocene: The Case for Environmental Enhancement (by Han Somsen)
    Climate Engineering and the "Moral Hazard" or "Risk Compensation" Concern (by Jesse Reynolds)
  • 21 May (Academic seminar)
    Drivers and Trend’s for Greenhouse Gas Emissions, 1970-2010; some IPCC Experience (by Reyer Gerlach)
    Oil Trade and the Green Paradox (by Malik Çürük)
  • 2 April (Academic seminar)
    Uninsurance through Trade (by Daniel Spiro)
  • 24 March (Academic seminar)
    On the Effects of Mergers on Equilibrium Outcomes in a Common Property Renewable Asset Oligopoly (by Hassan Benchekroun)
  • 22 January (Academic seminar)
    Explaining Trends in Aggregate and Sectoral Energy Intensity: The Compositon and Technique Effects Revised (by Claudio Baccianti)
    Long-Ron Effects of Carbon Pricing with Multiple Non-Fossil Energy Sources (by Ali Motavassli)