Tilburg Sustainability Center

The Tilburg Sustainability Center provides research based support to companies, governments and organizations in their quest for sustainable development.

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Affiliated Researchers

Tilburg Law School, Department of European and International Public Law

  • International Environmental Law                                                                          
  • Environmental Ethics

Centre for Integrated Emergency Management (CIEM, University of Norway), Disaster Resillience Lab & Tilburg Sustainability Center for the Project: Disaster Research for the Philippines.                      


  • Decision support in crisis and emergency management
  • Collective Intelligence
  •  Risk management for critical infrastructure disruptions

CentERdata, Tilburg University

  • Data collection  
  • Household behavior

Head of the Department of Sustainable Development at PBL, the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency & Project Researcher at TSC


  • Environmental Economics
  • Institutional Economics
  • Behavioral Economics

Prof. Dr. Shelby Gerking

TiSEM, Department of Economics

University of Central Florida - College of Business Administration - Department of Economics

  • Environmental economics

Dr. Gerard van der Meijden, TSC Graduate 2013

Title of dissertation: "The Macroeconomic Dynamics of Trade Liberalization, Resource Exploitation, and Backstop Technologies".
: Prof. Dr. Jenny Ligthart (†) and Prof. Dr. Sjak Smulders.

  • Resource Economics   
  • Environmental Economics

Current Position: Gerard van der Meijden is now a Postdoctoral Researcher on the economics of climate change at VU University Amsterdam.

Dr. Thomas Michielsen, TSC Graduate 2013

Titel of dissertation: "Essays in Environmental and Resource Economics".
: Prof. Dr. Reyer Gerlagh and Prof. Dr. Rick van der Ploeg.

  • Resource Economics
  • Environmental Economics       

Current position: Thomas Michielsen is Career Development Fellow in Economics; Tutor in Economics at New College, University of Oxford.

Dr. Samuel Okullo

Independent researcher


  • Resource Economics
  • Climate Change
  • Energy Economics

Dr. Mauricio Rodriguez Acosta, TSC Graduate 2016

Title of dissertation:Essays in Political Economy and Resource Economics (A Macroeconomic Perspective)” 

Promotors: Prof.Dr. J.A. Smulders, Prof.dr. M.C. Oechslin


  • Political Economy
  • Development and Resource Economics

Current position: Mauricio Rodriguez (http://mauricio-rodriguez.weebly.com/) is now assistant professor at Universidad del Rosario, Colombia

Dr. Chen Zhou - TSC Graduate 2013

Title of dissertation: "Legal Barriers to Technology Transfer under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change: the Example of China".
Prof. Dr. Jonathan Verschuuren and Dr. Arie Trouwborst

  • Environmental Law

Current position: Chen Zhou is Assistant Professor of Environmental Law at Xiamen University, China.

PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency, Department of Economics of Erasmus University Rotterdam & Project Researcher at TSC. 


  • Environmental Economics (Climate Change, Air Pollution, Waste)
  • Public Economics (Taxation, Subsidies, Tradeable Permits, Standards)
  • Program Evaluation and Applied Econometrics
  • Technological Change, Economic Growth and Innovation
  • Political Economy