Tilburg Sustainability Center

The Tilburg Sustainability Center provides research based support to companies, governments and organizations in their quest for sustainable development.

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Special Chairs

Prof. Dr. Kees Bastmeijer - Chair of 'Nature Conservation and Water Law'

Since 2009, Professor Kees Bastmeijer holds the Chair of 'Nature Conservation and Water Law', supported by the Province of Noord-Brabant, the Brabant Water Board (Waterschapsbond), State Forestry (Staatsbosbeheer), the Society for Preservation of Nature Monuments (Natuurmonumenten) and the Brabant Landscape Foundation (Stichting het Brabants Landschap).


  • Nature and water conservation in relation to domestic, European and international environmental  law.

Prof. Dr. Roel in 't Veld - UNESCO Chair in 'Sustainability & Governance'

Since 2013, Professor Roel in 't Veld holds the Special Chair of UNESCO in 'Sustainability & Governance'.


  • Sustainable development
  • Knowledge democracy

Prof. Dr. Kees Zoeteman - Chair of 'Sustainable Development'

The special Chair 'Sustainable Development in International Perspective' is supported by Triodos Bank and IONA Foundation.


  • Promoting sustainable development in the context of businesses and local as well as national government.
  • Studying the conditions which favour a succesful transition towards sustainability.