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The Tilburg Sustainability Center provides research based support to companies, governments and organizations in their quest for sustainable development.

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Academic Publications Tilburg Sustainability Center 2013

  • Dirk Brounen
    Quigley, J., Brounen, D., Kok, N. (2013). "Residential energy use and conservation: Economics, demographics, and standards". European Economic Review.                                                               
  • Dirk Brounen                                                                                                            Brounen, D., Kok, N. & Quigley, J. (2013)."Energy literacy, awareness, and conservation behavior of residential households". Energy Economics, vol. 38, issue C, pages 42-50.   
  • Erwin Bulte                                                                                                                  Cecchi, F., & Bulte, E.H. (2013). "Does market experience promote rational choice? Experimental evidence from rural Ethiopia". Economic Development and Cultural Change, 61(2),407-429.    
  • Erwin Bulte                                                                                                                           Groenewald, S., & Bulte, E.H. (2013). "Trust and livelihood strategies: Survey evidence from rural Mexico". Agriculture and Human Values, 30(1), 41-55.                                                   
  • Jeroen Derwall                                                                                                                     Borgers, A.C.T., Derwall, J.M.M., Koedijk, C.G., & Horst, J.R. ter (2013). "Stakeholder relations and stock returns: On errors in investors' expectations and learning". Journal of Empirical Finance, 22(1), 159-175.                                        
  • Reyer Gerlagh
    Gerlagh, R., Sterner, T. (2013). "Rio+20: Looking back at 20 years of environmental and resource economics". Environmental and Resource Economics, 54(2), 155-159.                                                   
  • Reyer Gerlagh                                                                                                            Heerden, J.H. van, Tol, R. van, Gerlagh, R., Blignaut, J.N., Hess, S., Horridge, M., Mabugu, M., Mabugu, R., Wit, M. de, & Letsoalo, T. (2013). "Double dividends of additional water charges in South Africa". In P. van Beukering, E. Papyrakis, J. Bouma, & R. Brouwer (Eds.), Nature's Wealth (pp. 315-332). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. (Ecology, Biodiversity and Conservation)                                  
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  • Johan Graafland
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  • Tobias Goessling                                                                                                         Goessling, T., & Bartley, B. (2013). "Understanding collaboration". International Journal of Strategic Business Alliances
  • Tobias Goessling                                                                                                                  Matejek, S., & Goessling, T. (2013). "Beyond legitimacy". Journal of Business Ethics.                                                                                                     
  • Daan van Soest                                                                                                       Bateman, I.J., A.R. Harwood, G.M. Mace, R.T. Watson, D.J. Abson, B. Andrews, A. Binner, A. Crowe, B.H. Day, S. Dugdale, C. Fezzi, J. Foden, D. Hadley, R. Haines-Young, M. Hulme, A. Kontoleon, A.A. Lovett, P. Munday, U. Pascual, J. Paterson, G. Perino, A. Sen, G. Siriwardena, D.P. van Soest, and M. Termansen (2013), “Bringing Ecosystem Services into Economic Decision Making: Land Use in the UK”. Science, 341 (6141), 45-50.                                                   
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  • Aart de Zeeuw
    • Hoel, M. & Zeeuw, A.J. de (2013) Technology Agreements with Heterogeneous Countries , ( CREE Working Paper 1/2013): CREE.
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