Research Tilburg Law School

Our mission is to understand and improve the role of law in tackling societal problems now and in the future.

Research Tilburg Law School

The research mission of Tilburg Law School is to understand and improve the role of law in tackling societal problems now and in the future, particularly those connected with globalization and rapic economic, social, cultural and technological change. We shall do this by engaging in ground-breaking research which pushes forward the horizons or juridical disciplines and national justice systems. In this way we hope to lay bare the fundamental principles of the law.


  • 21 Nov 2014Opinion

    Blog Prof. Alette Smeulers, Tilburg Law School
    Who is Dominic Ongwen, indicted for child soldiering? Read more

  • 17 Nov 2014Press release

    Victims of collateral damage in war should be compensated
    Victims of so-called ‘collateral damage’ of war are not eligible to compensation according to the laws of war, whereas victims of violations are. This distinction is no longer tenable, argues Alphonse Muleefu in his PhD dissertation. He will defend the dissertation on 24 November 2014 at Tilburg University. Read more

  • 10 Nov 2014Press release

    Annual Visiting Fellowship and Student Award Willem and Marit Witteveen
    Tilburg University has dedicated a visiting fellowship and a student award to commemorate the lives and work of Willem and Marit Witteveen, who died in the disaster with flight MH17 in Ukraine. Willem Witteveen was Professor of Legal Theory and Rhetoric at Tilburg Law School and his daughter Marit studied Liberal Arts and Sciences at the university. The Witteveen Memorial Fellowship on Law and Humanities is a fellowship for young researchers and the Marit Witteveen Award will be awarded to the most talented first-year student of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Tilburg University. Read more

  • 05 Nov 2014News

    Sofia Ranchordas receives Niels Stensen Fellowship tot go to Yale Law School
    Sofia Ranchordas, assistant professor at the Department for Public Law, Jurisprudence and Legal History of Tilburg Law School, will visit Yale Law School for a year from January 2015. She has been awarded a Niels Stensen Fellowship to that end. Read more

  • 30 Oct 2014News

    Teaching Meeting 2014: ‘Taking New Initiatives’
    Draw inspiration for your own teaching and sign up for the Teaching Meeting 2014 on Monday afternoon, December 15. Fellow lecturers from Tilburg University (look for your colleagues below) present recent innovations in their teaching. Among the topics are: (peer) feedback, web lectures and innovative learning activities such as flipping the classroom. Read more

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