Research Tilburg Law School

Our mission is to understand and improve the role of law in tackling societal problems now and in the future.

Research Tilburg Law School

The research mission of Tilburg Law School is to understand and improve the role of law in tackling societal problems now and in the future, particularly those connected with globalization and rapic economic, social, cultural and technological change. We shall do this by engaging in ground-breaking research which pushes forward the horizons or juridical disciplines and national justice systems. In this way we hope to lay bare the fundamental principles of the law.


  • 24 Sep 2014Press release

    Two Tilburg University students receive UNHCR Award for Statelessness Research
    An international expert jury has awarded the UNHCR Award for Statelessness Research to Maria Jose Recalde Vela of the Tilburg University Liberal Arts Program for her bachelor thesis and to Caia Vlieks for her master thesis in completion of the LLM in International Human Rights Law at Tilburg University. Dr. Jason Tucker of the University of Bath (United Kingdom) won the award for best PhD research on statelessness. All laureates were presented with their awards at the Global Forum on Statelessness which was held in The Hague last week. Read more

  • 24 Sep 2014News

    Tilburg Law School launches i-HILT: A virtual platform for the History of International Law
    Tilburg Law School has just launched ‘i-HILT’, a website dedicated to the history of international law. Read more

  • 15 Sep 2014Press release

    Risks climate engineering are manageable
    The concerns about regulating climate engineering are out of proportion, states Jesse Reynolds on the grounds of his PhD research. He will defend his thesis at Tilburg University on September 22nd. Reynolds proposes to set up an international institution to facilitate and help regulate climate engineering field experiments worldwide. Read more

  • 04 Sep 2014Press release

    Stateless people are denied essential rights
    Stateless people are more vulnerable to human trafficking. Stateless people should be granted the nationality of the country they have made their home. These are some of the findings Tilburg University researchers will present at the First Global Forum on Statelessness on 15-17 September in The Hague, the Netherlands. The Forum has been organized by Tilburg University and UNHCR. Sixty years after the adoption of the United Nations Convention relating to the Status of Stateless Persons, at least 10 million people are stateless worldwide. Read more

  • 29 Aug 2014Direct link

    Dr Sophie van Bijsterveld appointed Professor of Religion, Law and Society
    On 1 September 2014, Dr S.C. (Sophie) van Bijsterveld was appointed Professor of Religion, Law and Society at the Radboud University Faculty of Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies. Read more

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