Understanding Society

As specialists in people and society, we are concerned about the world around us. We aim to use our research to contribute to a better understanding of society, on the basis of which we can seek solutions to social problems.

Tilburg Research magazine

Gabriël van den Brink: The earth has risen, heaven has fallen

van den brink tr

Social scepticism and cynicism may be rife in our country, but that does not mean that all ideals have been abandoned. Far from it, believes Gabriël van den Brink, professor of Sociology and Governance at Tilburg University.

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Data Science Center: Specialists in ‘the oil of the 21st century’

van den born tr

Tilburg University launches Data Science Center. Tilburg University has a long tradition in quantitative research and was therefore among the first to embrace ‘big data’. A new program training the big data specialists of the future is to start at the beginning of the new academic year.

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Mindfulness benefits overweight patients with stress

Nyclicek tr

Mindfulness has a positive effect on the mental wellbeing of patients suffering from anxiety or depression. It can also benefit those who are overweight or obese. These are among the findings of a series of studies conducted by Dr Ivan Nyklicek and his colleagues at the Department of Medical and Clinical Psychology.

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Paul van Geest, Vatican expert: The church is not a democracy

van geest tr

Paul van Geest has studied the writings of Saint Augustine in depth and is an official advisor, or ‘peritus’, to the Vatican. But he is also a popular theologian who actively seeks contact with the public, making frequent television appearances and meeting with representatives of the private sector.

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