Research Social and Behavioral Sciences

Research institutes

CIR, the Center for Innovation Research at Tilburg University, pursues and propagates fundamental research on innovation with a focus on the strategic and organizational dynamics associated with innovation and learning at the organizational, intra-organizational, and inter-organizational levels. It is a joint institute with Tilburg School of Economics and Management.

The mission of the research within Center of Research on Psychology in Somatic diseases is to contribute to disease management care for patients with chronic medical conditions.

The European Values Study is a large-scale, cross-national, and longitudinal survey research program on basic human values. It provides insights into the ideas, beliefs, preferences, attitudes, values and opinions of citizens all over Europe. It is a unique research project on how Europeans think about life, family, work, religion, politics and society.


Tiber is the Tilburg Institute for Behavioral Economics Research. Tiber is a research institute devoted to studying the psychological processes underlying individual choice and economic decision making from an interdisciplinary perspective. It is a joint institute with Tilburg School of Economics and Management.

Tranzo is a scientific center for transformations in health and welfare. The mission is to build a bridge between science and practice on the field of health care, welfare and housing.