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First Graduation Day of new Bachelor Global Management of Social Issues

On Saturday, September 1, 2018, the students of the cohort 2015/16 in the new Bachelor Global Management of Social Issues (GMSI) received their diplomas. The group represents the first graduating cohort of 25 students of this new Bachelor which is jointly offered by the departments Organization Studies, Human Resource Studies, Sociology and Methods and Statistics of the Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences.

<i>GMSI 1st graduating cohort</i>

GMSI 1st graduating cohort

Wicked Problems

The program is a broad academic educational program rooted in the social sciences and adopts an international perspective focusing on the management and organization of people/teams working in a wide variety of projects dealing with so-called wicked problems like poverty, climate change, drug trafficking or migration. Effectively, this implies that the program provides students with knowledge about organizing for and setting in motion interventions that deal with international and/or social challenges caused by wicked problems.

International Classroom

In their graduation speech, a group of students especially emphasized, how much they profited from the international classroom and the community of research and learning that they were able to form with each other as well as with the staff of Tilburg University. The overwhelming majority will continue their studies in Master’s programs at Tilburg University or at other universities in the Netherlands or in Europe. The ceremony was followed by family and friends from around the world at Tilburg University and via live stream.

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