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Start new Master’s program Global Management of Social Issues

In the academic year 2018-2019, Tilburg University will launch the new Master’s program in Global Management of Social Issues (GMSI). This one-year Master’s program combines human resource studies, organization studies, and sociology to address complex societal challenges from multidisciplinary and multilevel perspectives.

The Master’s GMSI core theme is Sustainable Development, with a particular focus on understanding and triggering social and economic drivers of Sustainable Development at multiple levels. The GMSI Master’s perspective enriches the sociological and economic understanding of social challenges by emphasizing the macro outcomes of micro actions, at organizational as well as individual levels.

Managerial tools

The program provides students with the organizational and managerial tools to help organizations deal with global societal challenges. They learn to successfully function in complex environments and ultimately contribute to societal progress. The macro sociological understanding of global challenges is originally and effectively combined with a managerial perspective that recognizes the important role of organizations and businesses in realizing sustainable development. It is in line with the very recent and timely debate on tackling societal grand challenges from a business point of view.

Corporate social responsibility

Future professionals will be better equipped to craft organizational actions and strategies more geared towards social problems, for example by designing more sustainable business formulas and corporate social responsibility initiatives, more environmentally and socially acceptable supply chains, more suited products and services for resource-constrained settings and low-income markets.

Innovative teaching forms

From an educational point of view, the innovative content will be matched by innovative teaching forms. Small-scale interactive learning opportunities will be offered through workshops and labs, simulation, serious gaming, guest speakers and study trips. The multidisciplinary nature of the program will be conveyed through an original combination of lecturers and students from Sociology, Organization Studies, and Human Resource Studies. And whose composition varies across courses. This is conceived to ensure richness and variety of viewpoints and teaching styles.

Master Open Day on March 10

During the Master Open Day on March 10, the new Master’s program Global Management of Social Issues will give a presentation as of 11.15-12.00 hrs.

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