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Report for trade unions: working together with robots

A report on collaborating with robots, written by Charissa Freese and Ronald Dekker (Reflect, Tilburg University), was recently published by De Burcht, the Scientific Bureau of Trade Unions. It highlights the consequences of automation, digitalization and robotics for jobs, employees and the shifting role of trade unions.

How does new technology influence labor? How does work change? How are employees involved and given voice in technological decisions and implementation? What is the role of trade unions in robotization and automation on the labor market? The report formulates an answer to these questions by shedding new light on the discussion about new technologies and robotization.

Charissa Freese & Ronald Dekker: Samen werken met robots, published by De Burcht, Wetenschappelijk Bureau voor de Vakbeweging, publicatie nr. 16, 2018. Read the full report (in Dutch).