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€6 million of European funding for scientists of Tilburg University

PRESS RELEASE 6 December 2016 - Three scientists from Tilburg University will each receive €2 million for the research proposals they had submitted to the European Research Council (ERC). The researchers are affiliated to three different schools: Sigrid Suetens (Tilburg School of Economics and Management), Jelte Wicherts (Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences) and Panos Delimatsis (Tilburg Law School).

ERC Consolidator Grants are spread over five years and designed to back up researchers who want to establish their research teams. Applicants for the ERC Consolidator Grants must have already shown the potential for research independence and evidence of scientific maturity. 

Sigrid Suetens receives the grant for her research on discrimination in ethnically diverse societies. She will investigate whether natives are as altruistic, reciprocal, and envious toward immigrants as they are toward other natives (indigenous population). Do natives have different fairness ideals where non-natives are concerned? And do preferences and fairness ideals of natives change as contact with non-natives increases, and, if so, how?

With this grant, Jelte Wicherts and his colleagues will investigate, refine, and develop innovative methodological and statistical tools that can help make research at different levels –from individual test results to meta-analyses- stronger, more efficient, and more useful. 

Panos Delimatsis, director of the Tilburg Law and Economics Center (TiLEC), investigates the dominance and resilience of private rule-making bodies, such as the Institute of International Finance (IIF), the European Payments Council (EPC), GlobalGAP (Good Agricultural Practice) and Fairtrade international (FLO). Professor Delimatsis and his research team aim to establish a new theory of private collective action in the field of transnational regulatory governance.

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