Research Social and Behavioral Sciences

Science Committee

Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences decided to set up a Science Committee. In April 2012 the dean Klaas Sijtsma installed the committee. The members are:

The Science Committee publishes a guideline on ‘Data Handling and Methods Reporting’ (DHMR) for TSB researchers.

The Science Committee periodically investigates the quality of data handling and the reporting of research methods by researchers of the School. The following things are considered:

  • The storage of research data (in a data archives in the own institute; in a national data archive such as DANS; on a server that is accessible via the internet);
  • The completeness of the stored research data (completed questionnaires; raw research data of experiments; data obtained from transformation of raw data, including missed observations and outliers; data files as used for statistical analysis; etc.);
  • The reporting of used research methods;
  • The compliance with rules regarding the privacy of participants in experiments and other forms of research;
  • The accessibility of data to other researchers, reviewers of journals, and everybody who wants to check the data and the results and conclusions based on these data;

The Management Team of TSB appoints the members of the TSB Science Committee. The committee consists of a chairman/professor and at least three members of the scientific staff (PhD and at least 0,8 fte tenured)

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