Research Social and Behavioral Sciences

Lunch colloquium Social Psychology with Dr. Anne Reitz (department Developmental Psychology Tilburg University)

12:45 hrs
Dr. Anne Reitz
How do we become who we are? Personality development in social context
Location: AZ 211

In this talk I will present some of my past and present research that has the general aim to better understand how we become who we are. My research is part of the emerging sub-field personality development, which studies the developmental change of relatively stable differences in thoughts, feelings, and behavior (e.g., self-esteem, Big Five traits). Two core interrelated questions guide my research: (1) What are the contexts and mechanisms of developmental change in personality? and (2) Why do individuals differ in their change? I believe that the answers to these questions can be found by dissecting the dynamic interactions between the individual and social contexts, particularly those that are developmentally salient. As I will discuss, I study the role of different layers of contexts across different phases in the life-span that range from society and culture, social groups, and close relations to life events. I use a combination of multi-wave self- and observer-reports, international panel data, and daily diary data. I will end with some directions for future research, including the implementation of an intensive longitudinal study to zoom into the short-term processes that underlie long-term personality change.

When: 13 April 2018 12:45

End date: 13 April 2018 13:45