Research Social and Behavioral Sciences

Lunch colloquium Social Psychology with Dr. Lisa DeBruine (University of Glasgow)

12:45 hrs
Dr. Lisa DeBruine (University of Glasgow)
How to Avoid Incest
Location: AZ 210

By: Dr. Lisa DeBruine (University of Glasgow)

How and why do humans avoid incest? Using the Game of Thrones for examples (spoiler alert), I will discuss how humans use contextual cues like co-residence timing, co-residence duration, and maternal perinatal association to identify siblings and what happens when those processes go wrong. I will also discuss the potential for phenotype matching kin recognition mechanisms to influence sexual motivation and present evidence about how hormonal changes might relate to responses to kinship cues.


When: 07 December 2018 12:45

End date: 07 December 2018 13:45