Research Theology

Tilburg School of Catholic Theology explains the catholic tradition in the context of contemporary society and studies the spiritual needs of the individual.


Academic and scientific

The School of Catholic Theology provides academic instruction and scientific support for Christian and Catholic theology and other related fields of endeavour. For this reason, one of the School's principle tasks is to promote scientific research.


The Catholic religious and spiritual tradition has developed over two thousand years and has spread throughout the world. Therefore, when we speak of Catholic, we should not understand this as something exclusive but as a term that refers to the entire history of Christian faith.

Faith seeking understanding

The inclusive meaning of Catholic is implied in the word itself. For example, the Greek word, katholikos, means 'universal' in the sense of being comprehensive or pertaining to the whole of humanity. Thus, in line with its motto "Faith seeking Understanding", the School of Catholic Theology aims to study the Christian and Catholic traditions in the context of contemporary culture.

Research at the School is organised in research programs and research institutes that are associated with the School.

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